M. Night Shyamalan Reveals The Split Final Scene You Didn’t See


As the filmmaker sits down to pen the frightening sequel to his thriller Split, director M. Night Shyamalan has fronted the camera for the Blu-ray copy of the film. Talking about a number of scenes that could not take part in the title, it was the alternative ending that had many intrigued which one of Kevin's alter ego's would take hold in the concluding moments.

"It was the original ending of The Hoard in the script, and then I wrote the one that's in the movie, at the mirror, and we reshot that afterwards," he remarked. "And that felt more like the vibe of how I wanted (the movie) to end. So I had this ending in for a while, and I kind of moved it around in a few different places. It was just too dark. It kind of made it feel one-note for me, about what his intentions were. What is his motivation? I just didn't want The Beast's motivations to be reduced to just kind of killing. That kind of thing. So that's why I wrote the ending that you see in the movie, at the mirror. That was more, kind of, showing the world what we are capable of."

Night Goes Missing In The Dark Over Hide & Seek Game

Venturing off into 23 different characters that ranged from the terrifying (The Beast) to the innocent (Hedwig), Shyamalan explained that a short game of hide and seek was on the cards before a dance scene took preference.

"When I was writing the script, this whole Hedwig taking Casey out of the room sequence was much longer. What you're about to see is a little beat of what we were originally thinking, that Hedwig would play all these weird games with her and keep acting like this was the funnest moment of his life with this girl. He gets to take her out kind of on a date. And he's doing the best he can because he's only 10-years old. But in the end we wanted to get to that dance moment as soon as possible. Really I was kind of being redundant you know. Saying, ' OK, he's weird and having fun and kind of scary,' and I kept doing that beat and it was very redundant. So that's why I took it out but it's a very fun sequence to see."

The Divisive Science Behind DID Condition

Meshing the thriller/horror genre with a genuine issue plaguing members of society, Shyamalan had to leave out a three-way conversation that included Sterling K. Brown discussing the mechanics behind the multiple personality disorder.

"This is the final scene between the two of them - Professor Shaw and Dr. Fletcher," he said. "Basically it's a really awkward scene where Dr. Fletcher is dropped by yet again uninvited where he's having - he's about to leave on a date with a beautiful woman. And she's very awkwardly there. And they basically have this weird triangle conversation and Professor Shaw does not want to hurt her feelings. And he's being very supporting. Now the girlfriend's like, 'why are you paying more attention to her?' and this is very odd. But the thing they're talking about and the way Dr. Fletcher goes after the girlfriend is - was a very important speech for me and I was sad not to have it in the movie where he talks about the facts of how the mind and the body are connected between stress, blood pressure and the placebo effect. It's a really cool logic that goes through DID (Dissociative identity disorder)."

Source: Cinemablend, EW