Producer: Split Sequel Glass Will Enjoy a More “Traditional” Budget

Tweeting out the news that a Split/Unbreakable sequel Glass is in the works on his social media account, director M. Night Shyamalan has been putting the pieces together for his surprising third installment in a franchise no one saw coming. This came hot off the heels of a strong critical reaction for the 2016 thriller, creating an individual in Kevin (James McAvoy) who would transition into various characters - some comforting, others utterly terrifying.

When producer Jason Blum stopped by to talk with Collider this week, one of the topics that arose was the financing of this next picture. With a history of turning small budget titles like Paranormal Activity, The Purge and Get Out into smash hits, would the follow up have to work with a similar budget to the original around the $9m mark?

Blum: Glass Script Kept Under Lock and Key

Glass Split Unbreakable

Prior to the usual conflict occurring between studio and filmmaker, Blum said that Shyamalan will have more scope to explore with the third in the trilogy.

"The budget is more traditional," he asserted. "Still by Hollywood standards a very low budget. But it is not $5m."

Writing a screenplay that even scares Shyamalan, has Blum had an opportunity to take a peak for himself yet?

"I have a little idea of what the story is," Blum replied. "I have not seen the script. He is not finished with the script. I think when I read the script, I'm going to have to go to Philadelphia and read it, like chained to a pipe. Or I'll have two hours to look at it and he'll watch me look at it and read it, but I do know the kind of big points he's going to hit, and they're amazing and I'm very excited about it. And if I revealed anything to do with it, Night would crawl through the floor and drag me to hell."

Now the news is out there of the project, how soon can we feast our eyes on it?

“We have a release date in January of 2019, so we have to start shooting pretty soon.”

Peele: Get Out 2 Must Live Up To Original

Get Out Horror

Giving a frank admission about his other success Get Out, producer Blum cannot fathom how a sequel could take place given the events of the 2017 feature.

“I really cannot figure out a sequel to the movie,” he said. “If Jordan wanted to make a sequel, we would certainly support him in that endeavor. But it’s not something I’m pushing him to do, and I can’t imagine what it would be.”

For director Jordan Peele, he would be open to it if he could develop a screenplay that would live up to the hype.

“I could see it. I’ve thought about it — I’ve put a lot of thought into it,” Peele remarked to Yahoo Movies. “Some people want me to do it. I think there’s ways to do it... I can guarantee you one thing. I would never do a sequel unless I knew how it would be better than the first or as good. So that’s going to be tough. But I’m not gonna shortchange it. I’m not gonna do some bulls*** sequel.”

Source: Collider, Yahoo Movies