J.J. Abrams Hoping to Take Audiences Through a Portal

J.J. Abrams is set to turn some heads tonight with the help of Jonathan Nolan. The pair's adaptation of Michael Crichton's Westworld has (finally) arrived to HBO, with some audiences speculating the series to be the next Game of Thrones. Quite the expectation, but if anybody can help adapt the material to high expectations, J.J. can.

Which is why gamers can't help but be curious about the director's upcoming meeting with Valve. A few years back J.J. Abrams approached a potential partnership with Valve in an effort to bring their properties to film. With games like Half-Life and Counter-Strike, it made sense. But then there were very few updates from this arrangement, as J.J. continued to pump out other projects.

Well, it seems that the plan is still moving forward. Now, before you start thinking a Half-Life or Counter-Strike adaptation might be in the works, bury that. At least for now, as J.J. Abrams is hoping to adapt another popular video game, Portal.

Portal Adaptation Coming

Like most who went to college in the early 2000s, I played a fair share of Half-Life. Especially the popular game mod, Counter-Strike. If it weren't for this game, I can easily assume my GPA would have been a few decimal points higher. If you happened to play, you might have encountered me as [X-Prez]Kennedy. That's right, I was in a clan. MP5 to Deagle was my jam. But I digress...

Portal Quad

Though I thought Portal at least looked cool -- especially the er, weaponry -- I never played it. Hence why I'm somewhat surprised that it would be Portal of all Valve properties to get the adaptation treatment. On the other hand, J.J. Abrams is a sci-fi guy who geeks out on visuals, and Portal provides just that. While talking with IGN, the producer explained he has a meeting with Valve this week to continue talks on their partnership. By the end of the meeting he's also hoping for the greenlight on Portal.

"We have a meeting coming up next week with Valve, we’re very active, I’m hoping that there will be a Portal announcement fairly soon", said Abrams.

Portal Story Faithful

Portal Cover

When asked whether he can divulge on story details -- I didn't realize Portal had a story -- J.J. Abrams dodges somewhat by explaining that his writing team definitely understands the property.

"We are having some really interesting discussions with writers, many of whom...once you said you’re doing a movie or show about a specific thing that is a known quantity you start to find people who are rabid about these things. As someone who loves playing Half Life and Portal, what’s the movie of this, it’s incredible when you talk to someone who just ‘gets’ it, it’s like, oh my god, it’s really the seed for this incredible tree you’re growing."

If you've never heard of Portal. The game provides a mixture of riddles and mazes you, as the protagonist, need to navigate. Things become complicated, however, when your character discovers that the helpful AI, GLaDOS, is a bit more sinister than "she" lets on.

Sounds like most ex-girlfriends...