Elizabeth Banks Turns Into Green Bad Ass For Power Rangers Reboot

While Marvel is going one direction with Logan to reveal a gritty, dark superhero motion picture with a heavy dose of drama thrown into the mix, Power Rangers seems to be going in a very different direction. The Lionsgate adaptation is doing its own leaking routine to show off images from production and the set. With Elizabeth Banks' villain Rita Repulsa front and center of their campaign to get the excitement building.

Coming across as semi-sexy and semi-frightening, Banks is holding aloft an evil scepter (is there any other kind?) as she appears to be summoning some of her devilish powers. There have been more where this still came from though. Drip-feeding out other images from the 2017 teen drama where she will star alongside Argo, Godzilla and Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston.

Hard To Make Heads or Tails of Production Shots

Elizabeth Banks Power Rangers

Production wrapped up shooting in late May in Vancouver, taking three months to do their thing until some additional footage needed to be done in late October. Yet there are folks out there who are describing Banks' character and outfit as a bad Halloween costume, giving a cartoonish version of a villain that could be a bit more grounded in reality.

By the time the movie is released on March 24th, it might be able to achieve two things. First, bring on board those that feel nostalgia from the 90s when they were kids. Second would be to tap into a new generation of fans. But then again, some of the shots look suspiciously awful. So fingers crossed it is the former for those that remember the show fondly.

Still A Banker - Elizabeth A Proven Performer

Elizabeth Banks is many things, but one of those is not an actress who makes safe career choices to maintain a solid stereotype. While Power Rangers appears to be a giant leap of faith, she has built a solid foundation to star in features like the Pitch Perfect franchise, the thriller Man on a Ledge, Walk of Shame, the eccentric Effie Trinket in the Hunger Games series, and the edgy Seth Rogen comedy Zack and Miri Make a Porno.

The 42-year old made her start in the late 90s before she went on to feature in hit television series like Sex and the City, Law & Order: SVU and 30 Rock. Her outfit might come across a bit comical, but she doesn't seem to take herself too seriously. Thankfully.

Source: Screen Crush