20 Mind Altering Behind the Scenes Photos from Your Favorite Films

For those of you who want to keep the movie magic alive, this list likely isn't for you. Sometimes it is best to keep the mystery of how a scene was accomplished exactly that, a mystery. But one can't help but be at least a bit curious about the ongoings on the set to make that same movie magic happen. With big budget sequels such as The Force Awakens and Jurassic World promising a mixture of both practical and CG special effects, it has become nearly impossible to tell which is which. At least, not without the help of some photos from the production.

Check out twenty behind the scenes photos that not only attempt to show how the crew pulled off a certain shot, but how the cast (and crew) passed the time in-between takes. Can you guess which set gave castmembers brew-hahas when the camera stopped rolling? Or which production had no problem with a bit of sexual harassment back in the day? Both of these actually come from the same film. But which film? It's a big one! So let the list begin!


Titanic BTS Pool

While it was rumored that the water used on set of Titanic was cold, that wasn't the case. The rumor claimed that frigid water allowed DiCaprio and Winslet to naturally react to the temperature. The only catch was the insurance required to keep your stars in cold temperatures all day. It doesn't work. Just like the idea that the final sequence of the Titanic sinking took place on open waters. Though it did look like Jack and Rose were stranded with a door somewhere in the Atlantic, they were just hanging out in the pool above. What was the temperature of the pool water? A comfortable 80 degrees.

To top it off, both the stars and extras had to stay in the pool for hours at a time. Though James Cameron demanded that the cast use the on-site bathroom, the director to this day knows his cast was peeing in the pool. To finalize the effect, a computer generated atmosphere was created, along with CG breath to make it look freezing out.