World War Z 2 Close To Securing Director David Fincher

When David Fincher's name was circulated in conjunction to the vacant director's chair for World War Z 2, few actually thought it was going to be an eventuality. The 54-year old is notoriously picky with his projects as he transitions from the small screen with House of Cards to movies that take to his liking. Often they are far and few between, only directing 10 titles to date.

But according to a new report from Variety, he appears to be about to put pen to paper on a deal with Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions to develop the new installment. With production earmarked for the first quarter of 2018, studio chairman and CEO Jim Gianopulos appears to have got his man as they look to green light the film with Fincher onboard.

Fincher Can Pick Up Where Forster Left Off

Brad Pitt in World War Z

The 2013 original was more than serviceable, accumulating $540m from a budget of $190m 4 years ago. As director Marc Forster attempted to put the building blocks in place for a franchise. But a number of decisions subsequent to its release has slowed down the process, leaving lead star Brad Pitt to float himself in contention for the part of Cable in Marvel's own follow up Deadpool 2. A role that instead went to Josh Brolin. His very public divorce from Angelina Jolie also played a factor in changing the actor's priorities away from the camera.

Pitt will help the production phase as a producer, doing so as he did the first time around. The 53-year old had gone through an arduous and long interviewing process for prospective directors. But, as soon as Fincher was linked with the job, there was only one ideal favorite in his eyes.

Fincher a Master of the Dark and Disturbing

David Fincher

The Fincher-Pitt team are a proven commodity in Hollywood. Since the filmmaker began with Alien 3 in 1992, he linked up with the heartthrob for the 1995 thriller Se7en before going at it again for the 1999 smash hit Fight Club and 2008's The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

It is a surprise that Fincher has chosen to comeback to the motion picture game with a zombie flick, not having worked in this capacity since 2014's Gone Girl starring Ben Affleck. But the director has a very niche and specific style that is truly his own, keeping the camera very still and dimming the lighting to create a sense of mystique and ambiguity.

From Zodiac to The Social Network and the reboot of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Fincher rarely gets it wrong.

Source: Variety