David Fincher Still Eager To Direct World War Z 2 Despite Picture Being Pulled

Paramount's call this week to pull the sequel to World War Z off their 2017 scheduling has fans up in arms. Especially since there is no promise of a future date. The original 2013 horror epic managed to gross $540m at the box office and, alongside the reboot of Friday the 13th, the studio has decided to invest in other projects elsewhere.

But not all hope is lost. Director David Fincher is "very creatively interested in directing (World War Z 2)." Marc Foster took the reigns of the first installment and, despite the 'come and get me' plea by the Gone Girl, Zodiac and The Game filmmaker, it seems as though his appeal has fallen on deaf ears. All while the project now hangs in a state of limbo.

Decision Leaves More Questions Than Answers

World War Z

Many analysts inside the industry are puzzled that Paramount could make such a call. Not for one or two but multiple reasons that would surely result in the movie being made. The studio itself is short on US-based franchises that make money. Never mind the fact that Brad Pitt and David Fincher has an illustrious history together from Fight Club, Seven and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The director even agreed to a budget that was less than the original $190m given to Foster.

Back in January 2016, J.A. Bayona walked away from directing the sequel because of a lack of preparation time. Speaking to THR at the Toronto International Film Festival in September, Bayona explained that it just wasn't on the cards for both parties to come to an agreement in time.

"I loved those guys at Paramount and (Pitt's) Plan B," he remarked. "I just can't work like that."

Doco To Delve Into Brangelina Split

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in Mr and Mrs Smith

Ian Halperin is on a mission to create a documentary that will look into the ugly divorce of World War Z star Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Covering a topic in depth that has been discussed by the tabloid press for months. According to British paper The Sun, a source indicated that Halperin's title will uncover more information that is yet to be learned by the public at large.

"This is the definitive film about Brangelina and a lot of secrets are going to come out," started the unnamed source. “Ian has covered every cough and spit of their relationship and will reveal the real reasons behind Angelina filing for divorce. The biggest shock will be his claim that the couple were apart for more than a year prior to their breakup. He and his team have also managed to acquire some never-before-seen footage and interviews with both Brad and Angelina."

Source: THR, The Sun