The One Scene Mike Myers Hated Filming For Wayne’s World

Wayne's World started by humble beginnings to be a creation from Saturday Night Live duo Mike Myers and Dana Carvey. Yet the 1992 film would end up being a cult classic for its use of bizarre characters and pop culture references. While the lead actors are always keen to talk about their experience making the picture, it turns out that the infamous scene where Wayne and Garth are singing Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody infuriated all in sundry.

Director Penelope Spheeris explained to EW that the excessive banging of the heads was too much to take for the cast, requiring some additional help to get them through the numerous takes.

"The guys, when we shot it, were really complaining because they didn't like having to bang their heads so much," remembered the filmmaker. "I did so many different shots and we mounted the cameras different ways and Mike was complaining that his head hurt and he needed Advil and they were both saying that the scene wasn't funny and why are we doing this. But it's the scene people remember."

Tia Carrere Eternally Grateful To Mike For Big Break

Wayne's World

Wayne's World star Tia Carrere understood that female Asian actors rarely get to score quality roles in Hollywood pictures. All while the Hawaiian native recalled how important the break was in her acting career.

"Being Cassandra changed my life," remarked the actress. "Every opportunity that has come since is a result of being that character in that hugely successful film. Thank goodness Mike Myers wrote the part (to be) specifically Asian, or I would never have gotten a shot."

In order for Carrere to land the role of Cassandra, she first had a tough choice to make.

Baywatch was looking for a marine biologist girlfriend for David Hasselhoff," she said. "I had gone in a couple of times to audition for Baywatch when I read Wayne’s World, and I was blown away. I knew it was the part for me, so I had my agent drag his feet on the Baywatch deal to give me time to secure Wayne’s World. I could have lost both. It was a gamble."

Myers Challenges Fallon To Dance Off

The USA and Canada enjoy a fruitful relationship for the most part. But when sporting competition is involved, things step up a notch. Myers this week joined The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on NBC. And, rather than partake in a regular activity, they opted for a Dice Dance-Off.

Delivering a mixture of 'hot poutine', 'perpetual motion' and the 'which pocket did I put my keys in?'. The skit was pure Mike Myers. Who knows if the segment will ever be seen again.

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