Michael Moore Set To Release Secret Docu TrumpLand This Week

In an industry where everyone knows what is to come months and years in advance, it is refreshing to see that someone has popped up with genuinely surprising news. THR reports that Michael Moore made a shocking announcement on Tuesday night in New York City to reveal a documentary titled Michael Moore in TrumpLand, a 73-minute feature that apparently no one but him and a handful of others saw coming.

The controversial and divisive filmmaker has been one of a number of public critics of the Republican presidential nominee and now he has channeled that rage into a movie. IFC Center was the first to view the screening and will only be running for a limited time of 7 days.

Release To Get The Message Out There Leading Into Election

Michael Moore Documentary

There is no hidden agenda here from Moore. This is explicitly about getting as many undecided or on-the-fence voters to vote Democratic come November 8th. All while dissuade them from polling for the outlandish billionaire. The move is a bit of a flop by the director, who was once against Hillary Clinton in favor of Bernie Sanders.

The documentary creator was candid when speaking to the press about the picture.

“I don’t think I turned a lot of them to Hillary," said Moore of the audience members that witnessed the premiere. "One of my personal goals — maybe I shouldn’t say this out loud — was to depress the Trump vote. They may still vote for Trump, but they may not bring ten people with them... Our biggest opponent on election day is getting people out (to the polls) who have given up.”

Moore Hard At Work To End Trump

Where to Invade Next

Fresh from his work on Where to Invade Next - a documentary that looked into the successful social policies adopted by nations external from the United States, the activist has been doing everything in his power to ensure this election fails to fall in Trump's favor.

With THR publishing an open letter from Moore to Ivanka Trump urging her father to undergo an intervention, the 62-year old from Michigan knows there is no time like the present 3 weeks out from the big day.

“I’m filled with optimism, but I’m gonna be busy every single minute between now and when the polls close. I’m taking this very seriously,” Moore explained anxiously. “The shitshow isn’t over. But don’t take any joy in this, because it appeals to the darker instinct of a country that has made some mistakes, whether it’s voting for Reagan or Nixon or Bush or the professional wrestler in Minnesota.”