Mel Gibson: Braveheart Extended Cut Includes Whole Hour Of Unseen Film

If 178 minutes was not enough time to satisfy your enjoyment for the life and times of Scottish hero William Wallace, then Mel Gibson has some news for you. According to NME, the controversial Australian actor and director has informed the press that his 1995 Academy Award winning Best Picture Braveheart has a whole hour of additional footage that could be made available. At least, should he wish to do so.

An extended cut might be in the works to be released some 21 years plus after the biographical war drama made an enormous splash. Yet it could be held back for a special occasion. Should the 25 year mark be surpassed then an anniversary surprise might be more appropriate.

Extra Scenes Hanging Around A Random Floor


Speaking with Collider, Gibson gave a rather interesting quote. All to explain that some random location has this supposedly priceless footage somewhere. And, of course, it is only a matter of him picking up the phone to get access to it. But when?

“There’s almost an hour (of unseen footage) lying on the floor someplace, but I think it’s the right hour,” Gibson said explained. “There’s literally an hour someplace. There’s an hour of stuff.”

Given how long it has been since the original release as well as the amount of footage that made the film, it might not be the best material to bring out. Especially if it couldn't fit inside the almost 3-hour extravaganza. Needless to say, any film that wins 5 Academy Awards will have people falling over themselves to see more if it exists somewhere out there.

Gibson Leaving Enthusiasm Over To The Studios

Mel Gibson Braveheart Extended

For a guy that is literally sitting on this pot of gold, he doesn't sounds too stoked to be in possession of this addition to his masterpiece.

“People have mentioned, ‘It’s a big deal, wooh.’ I don’t know, (if) somebody – Fox or Paramount – want to finance that, go ahead," stated Gibson. "They want to dig up the footage, I’ll slap it back together. And then we’ll get Steve Rosenblum, who’s a great editor. I’ve worked with him since a couple of times. I think he’d be up for it.”

Of course Steve would be up for it Mel. People are literally 'wooh'ing for you to make this happen!