Kong: Skull Island Director Takes Down CinemaSins Take for Take

Rarely does a YouTube series like CinemaSins create any public friction between themselves and a studio, actor or director, but they have suddenly found an enemy. While the account has chronicled what they believe are oversights and plot holes in blockbusters, Kong: Skull Island filmmaker Jordan Vogt-Roberts has decided on using his right of reply. And he did not miss.

Using a frame-by-frame screenshot of the site's criticisms for his 2017 installment, Vogt-Roberts launched an impassioned plea against CinemaSins while, ironically, pinpointing every error they made along the way. The tables have been turned, at least temporarily.

Director Goes From A to Z on Sins of Cinema Critics

The 32-year old Detroit native started the thread to say that commentary on art is of use. But CinemaSins was not one of those examples, in his view.

"Mystery Science Theatre built something artful, endearing and comedic on top of the foundation other people's work. It had merit to itself," he argued. "Things like Cinema Sins simply suck the life blood of other people and are often just wrong about intent or how cinema works. It's terrible."

What would follow was a series of critiques based on their critique.

JVR: CinemaSins Are Nothing But Trolls

The director was not finished there though. He stressed that their videos were not made in the best spirit and even worse, dumbed down the industry.

"Anyhow. I just wanted to point out why these videos are infuriating," he remarked. "They're often just wrong or think they're smarter than you. I love film criticism and I love reading negative reviews if the author makes compelling and well written arguments. To anyone who thinks this video makes me mad or hurts me. It doesn't. I just wanted to point out a few obvious examples that are just wrong. It just makes me sad they get so many views/contribute to the dumbing down of cinema as they syphon other people's work for their own gain."

What irks Vogt-Roberts more than any other is that his love and expertise for movies is being questioned by someone who he doubts has that same degree of passion.

"Go watch a movie you've never seen before & actually discuss it with someone instead of focusing on reductive crap. Maybe I'll return to this and watch their entire video if it doesn't make me hammer a nail through my d*** and point out more errors. It just gets me that a lot of things get critique seem to have a lack of understanding of cinematic license/has an odd disdain of film... I make movies because I love film. These guys are just trolling the art form we love and profiting from it while dumbing the conversation."

What do you think? Are CinemaSins out of line, or is it just all part of the entertainment industry?

Source: Collider