Alec Baldwin Spoofs Donald Trump Press Conference On SNL

If comedians found a lot of quality content to sink their teeth into during the highly divisive 2016 US election campaign, then it appears a Trump presidency will do nothing to dampen their enthusiasm come 2017. Returning to Saturday Night Live after a brief hiatus on the NBC program, The Departed and Beetlejuice star Alec Baldwin was back to his usual form, spoofing the president elect for his press conference performance.

The staging was the first of it's kind since winning on election night, some two months later and the 58-year old had a lot to work with - from the "golden shower" scandal to the table of dossiers, Russia's involvement in the hacks, and giving BuzzFeed the cold shoulder before describing the website as nothing more than "fake news."

Wee The People?

If only to confirm what many are still coming to grips with, Baldwin started the monologue by saying, "Yes, this is real life. This is really happening." Standing in front of numerous American flags before a host of "reporters" played by the remainder of the SNL cast, the actor had fun with making as many puns as humanly possible. Especially with the alleged scandal that had everyone talking.

"I am not talking about the pee pee," Baldwin remarked in his best Trump expression. "It wasn’t as cool as it sounds. I am going to bring back a thick stream of jobs. This country will be literally showered in jobs. I am a whiz at jobs. You’re in, you’re in, you’re in."

There was a lot of mileage to take out of the golden shower story, but the artists announced to play at the Inauguration on January 20th was played without a hint of irony.

"Hold onto your tits and bits because we have got 3 Doors Down and the Rockette with the least amount of money in her savings."

Kenan Thompson's Steve Harvey Makes Surprise Cameo

Kenan Thompson Steve Harvey SNL

If seeing Kanye West in the Trump Tower lobby with the president elect was one thing, witnessing game show host Steve Harvey do the exact same thing was something else. Fat Albert, D2: The Mighty Ducks and Snakes on a Plane star Kenan Thompson is accustomed to portraying his fellow comedian. But never in a political setting like this.

"Yeah that right!" proclaimed Thompson in his best Harvey voice. "It's me, Steve Harvey. Yeah I do government now. Does this bode well for our country? Survey say ...." before three big red crosses and a buzzer times him out.