Alec Baldwin Returns To SNL As President Trump

Dealing with the reality of a Donald Trump presidency, SNL and Alec Baldwin decided to forge ahead with the parody of the man regardless of the new political climate. The New York Times reports that the episode had a "cold open." A skit that showed a character that was completely stunned and unprepared to be the leader of the free world.

Ghostbusters star Kate McKinnon swapped her role as Hillary Clinton and returned as campaign strategist Kellyanne Conway. While 41-year old star of We're the Millers and Horrible Bosses Jason Sudeikis reprised his impression of strong Trump critic Mitt Romney. It made for awkward, uncomfortable viewing. And one can only imagine what is really going on behind the scenes in the transition team.

All The Pressure Put On Pence

Beck Bennett, who has played Russian President Vladimir Putin during the election season on SNL, came back. But this time as newly elected Vice President Mike Pence. Having been booed this week when he showed up at a performance of Hamilton on Broadway, Baldwin asked him how he enjoyed the show. “It was good; I got a free lecture," responded the VP.

The chaos was good fodder for Baldwin, who was approached by a US General eager to finally get an inside track on his secret plan to defeat the terrorists he was promoting during the campaign. Shortly after looking up on Google, “What is Isis?” He asked into his phone, "Siri - how do I kill ISIS?" All before he shortly realized, "This is a Blackberry."

Trump Again Fires Back At SNL and At Hamilton

If you thought becoming the leader of the free world might have humbled the man or at least toned down the aggression, you would be mistaken. Once more reverting to his Twitter account to take a shot at the program, he described it as "totally one-sided, biased show - not funny at all," whilst asking "Equal time for us?"

Clearly unable to see the contradiction by deriding SNL only to ask for a change in content, he also slammed Hamilton over the reception his VP received at the event. His daughter Ivanka had a much different opinion earlier in the year though.