You Only Live Twice Trailer (1967)

The trailer for the fifth film in the James Bond franchise, You Only Live Twice.

Orbiting over the Earth is Jupiter 16, a US space capsule manned by two astronauts. As they maintain radio contact with bases in Hawaii and Houston, one of the astronauts, Chris, ventures outside to make routine repairs, when radar picks up another spacecraft closing fast. Radio contact is lost and the alien rocket opens up and absorbs Jupiter 16, in the process severing Chris' lifeline and leaving him to suffocate in />
A contentious meeting between US and Russian diplomats follows brokered by a member of Britain's foreign service. The US believes the pirate spacecraft is Russian in origin, having tracked the ship in orbit before it ventured into the atmosphere; the US is to launch another capsule in three weeks, will regard interference with the ship as an act of war, and will launch military attack on Russia should the capsule come under attack itself. Great Britain, however, believes the alien ship landed in the Sea of Japan based on tracking of the ship from a station in Singapore, and that a British official in Hong Kong is following this />
That "official" is James Bond, who is "killed" in the bed of a beautiful young woman in an elaborate scam that throws his many enemies off his trail. James is infiltrated to Japan to meet with members of Japan's SIS. One, a beautiful woman named Aki, takes him to the home of Dikko Henderson, a British intelligence official living in Japan who has discovered information about the alien rocket. Henderson theorizes that a third power is using Osato Chemicals, a vast multinational corporation, to launch spacecraft from Japan to attack US and Russian spacecraft and thus trigger war between the two superpowers, but he is stabbed to death before he can reveal more. James subdues Henderson's killer, then takes his place and thus infiltrated Osato Chemicals, where he must overpower a hulking assassin before he finds a safe in which is paperwork and a film negative that he takes before being pursued by security />
James is rescued by Aki, but he is now mistrustful, and when Aki stops her car near a subway entrance James chases her, only to fall into a "trap" set by "Tiger" Tanaka, the head of Japanese SIS and the most secretive official in Tokyo. After verifying Tanaka's bonafides via a codeword, James works with him and they examine the paperwork found in Osato's safe, paperwork detailing the smuggling of LOX - technical shorthand for liquid oxygen for rocket fuel and which is also the name for smoked salmon, and thus the perfect cover. The film negative is of a supertanker, the Ning Po, the picture coming from an American tourist killed by whoever works for Osato Chemicals; the picture shows not only the ship but a small boat of fishing women, indicating the area is an outer island on the way to Shanghai. James theorizes that the international criminal consortium SPECTRE has a role in the space hijackings given their history of using private organizations for the actual legwork of a conspiracy in the service of other foreign />
James spends the night at Tanaka's house, where he is given exotic hospitality in the form of being bathed by "very sexiful" young ladies and given a relaxing massage by one. James' massage is taken over by the shapely and scantily-dressed Aki, who has fallen in love with him, a love the two />
The next day James is arranged to meet with Mr. Osato in the guise of businessman Jim Fisher to negotiate a bulk-purchase of important chemicals. Osato surreptitiously X-rays James to find his gun, and James is given a drink by Osato's secretary, Helga Brandt, who is more than just an efficient aide-de-camp. Osato orders hitmen to kill James, but he and Aki escape and Tanaka dispatches the hitmen via a transport chopper sporting a giant />
Tanaka radios James and orders James and Aki to Kobe, where the Ning Po is being loaded for departure. James then urges Tanaka to contact M in London to dispatch "Little Nellie" and her father - a minicopter gunship built under the supervision of Major Geoffrey Boothroyd. After arriving at Kobe, James and Aki find tanks of liquid oxygen but the two are attacked by a gang of dockworkers. James fights them off to allow Aki to escape, and it appears James himself will get away - until he is ambushed and knocked />
He is bound to a chair in Helga's room on the Ning Po, where she questions him about snooping around the dock and holds a plastic surgeon's scissors dangerously close to James to pry information from him. But she is also aroused by James' masculinity and allows herself to be seduced by him; after consummating their arousal she flies James in a private plane, then bails out and locks him in, but James manages to escape, land the crippled plane, and escape before it />
Returning to Tiger's house, James is given photos of the Ning Po showing she stopped at an outer island and offloaded an enormous stockpile of equipment, shown by a vastly higher waterline. The threesome meet "Q" Boothroyd and Little Nellie is assembled by Q's crew of specialists. Sporting a variety of powerful weapons aboard Little Nellie, James overflies the area islands and is attacked by four gunships which he shoots down and which leave no doubt as to the presence of />
A scheduled Russian space shot, meanwhile, goes off, and is grabbed by the alien rocket, which is tracked by the US Air Force before disappearing, seeming to confirm to the US that the Russians are behind the space hijackings and will now use the excuse of losing their own spacecraft to shoot down the next Jupiter />
But the rocket lands at the outer island previously patrolled by James, landing inside a dead volcano with retractable roof that from distance resembles green water; inside the volcano is a gigantic base controlled by SPECTRE and commanded by its ruthless leader Ernst Stavro Blofeld, a man bearing a grotesque scar above his right eye. Blofeld is working for two representatives of a foreign power - unnamed but presumably Red China. Blofeld asks for a hefty advance payment for his services, much to the consternation of the Red represenative, and to prove he means business he summons Osato and Helga where he reveals that James Bond is alive (based on the Walther PPK sidearm Osato X-rayed earlier that week); having failed to eliminate James before, he orders the two subalterns away - then drops Helga into an underground pool populated by pirannha fish that devour the beautiful Helga in mere seconds, a fate that scares Osato into redoubling effort to kill Bond and which even shakes the two Red represenatives negotiating with />
Despite Osato's efforts, which succeed in killing Aki, James manages to infiltrate the island and eventually discovers the crater, before being captured by Blofeld. Another pirate spacecraft is launched, this one adorned with Russian markings, to capture the next Jupiter flight and thus precipitate world war, but Tiger Tanaka's organization has its own army - Ninjas, armed with both heavy weapons and their own dazzling skill at combat - with which to assault the crater and set off a savage firefight to both rescue James and stop Blofeld's plan.

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October 13, 2009
Lewis Gilbert

Ian Fleming

United Artists

June 13, 1967
Sean Connery
Akiko Wakabayashi
Tetsuro Tamba
Mie Hama
Teru Shimada
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