Feature trailer for War of the Arrows.

During the Second Manchu invasion of Korea in 1636, a village is attacked by Manchurian soldiers. They kidnap Ja-In on her wedding day with her childhood sweetheart Seo-Goon. Her brother Nam-Yi, a skilled archer and hunter, returns to the village and learns his sister was kidnapped into slavery. Nam-Yi has a tragic past; as children he and Ja-In witnessed their father being betrayed and executed by King Injo and then they were raised by Seo-Goon's father. Ja-In was sold to Prince Dorgon whose ally, Jyusthina, is his best archer, troop leader and commands an elite force of warriors. As Nam-Yi seeks to rescue his sister he clashes with Jyusthina and his troops.

The film begins with two children Nam-yi and Ja-in being chased by King Injo's guards and saved by their father who was skilled archer and an officer of previous king. He sends his own children to find a place of refuge with his best friend Kim Min-soon. As they escaped crying, Ja-in begged to her brother to go back to their father but the father was killed in front of Nam-yi. Nam-yi, though bitten by the guard dogs, kills them and escapes with Ja-in. Nam-yi becomes the only family Ja-in knows. 13 years later Nam-yi who is now a skilled archer and hunter learns from Seo-goon that he and Ja-in plan to get married with the approval of Min-soon who is also Ja-In's godfather.

During the wedding, Nam-Yi is up in the mountains hunting deer. He hears the rumble of the invading forces. When Nam-Yi makes it back to the village, he finds his step-father slaughtered and his sister taken away. Nam-Yi then sets out to find the Qing army and take out their army with his bow. The great commander of the Qing army, Jyuu Shin-Ta (Ryoo Seung-Ryong) discovers the mysterious man trailing his men and taking them out one by one. Jyuu Shin-Ta then sets out to find Nam-Yi. A war of arrows is set to begin and Nam-Yi prepares to make the ultimate sacrifice....

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January 21, 2012
Han-min Kim

Han-min Kim


October 7, 2011
Hae-il Park
Seung-yong Ryoo
Moon Chae-Won
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