Vehicle 19 Trailer (2013)


Trailer for Vehicle 19.

Michael Wilks is an ex-con breaking his parole conditions to visit his ex-wife in a foreign city. At the airport the car rental company mixes up his booking

As he drives into town a phone beeps from inside the car’s glove compartment. On the phone is the message: "Neutralize. Dispose." He shrugs it off.

Stuck in traffic he looks around the car and finds a gun. The phone rings and the curt voice at the end of it says ‘You were meant to acknowledge receipt of the message.’ When Michael explains that it’s not his phone, the line goes dead.

This is not good. Michael can’t afford any trouble. He’s trying to make a fresh start with his life. The phone rings again. The voice, friendlier now, explains the car was meant for an undercover policeman. It’s not a problem, he’s reassured, if he can just drop the car off and exchange it for another vehicle. Michael is given directions to drop off the Minivan and heads off as instructed.

When Michael gets stuck in a ditch on a dirt road he has to accelerate hard to get the vehicle out. As he does so, a woman, bound and gagged, rolls out of the trunk!

She breathessly explains that she’s been kidnapped. She’s a witness in a corruption trial - without her testimony the prosecution has no case. Michael is desperate not to get involved. He suggests she tell her story to the cops at the drop-off but when he arrives there, he learns the cops are in on it. They are the voice on the phone and they will stop at nothing to eliminate the threat this woman represents to them.

Michael is a man with a life-long habit of running from any problem that’s ever come his way but this time running is not an optionHe has now become a target himself...

2 min 7 sec


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December 31, 2012
Mukunda Michael Dewil

Mukunda Michael Dewil


Paul Walker
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