TrailerAddict Holiday Contest 2012 #1

TrailerAddict is giving away $25 Amazon Gift Cards all the way through the New Year! A challenge will be presented every day, with announcements appearing on-site along with our Facebook Page and Twitter Page. Be sure to follow us, as some hints will be provided through these social networks, and different hints will be provided to each network.

There are two different types of contests: image and sound. This is a sound contest! Below is a tiny blip of sound from a film's trailer. This sound will get longer (or new blips will be added) over time at random intervals, but for now that's all you get! We are expecting the correct answer before EOD. The first person to answer on either Facebook or Twitter will win the contest and a $25 Amazon Gift Card. Good luck -- and remember -- you only get two guesses per contest!

Jonathan Graham got it on Twitter! It was Scott Pilgrim vs The World!