The Why Trailer (2010)


In the absence of love.... In the absence of hate.... In the absence of reason... The Why.

'In the beginning there is Boyo (Niko RedStar), consumed with grief over the rape and murder of his true love, Lula (Megan Lane). He blames himself for her tragic fate and becomes obsessed with the memory of their perfection in each other’s eyes. This obsession consumes him and leads to suicide. But there is a surprise waiting for Boyo; at the moment he pulls the trigger, his mind explodes and reforms into the world of The Why--his search for answers and meaning beginning anew. He finds himself in a surreal landscape surrounded by archetypal figures, messengers of confusion and misdirection. Boyo has crossed over but does not realize it as his journey continues towards a reunion with Lula. Derek (Anthony Pedone) is addicted to heroin, a novice experimentation with dilauded, leaves Derek betrayed and left to die on the couch by his best friend, Freddie (Mike Perriguay), and a stripper named Sadie (Kelly Pedone), After overdosing he finds himself inhabiting the place of memory where he is set upon and dismembered for his transgressions in life. He realizes that there was once a chance for redemption but now he is stripped away until completely laid bare, the skeleton of his soul all that is left. An unborn soul named Dais (Aria Cochron) provides a connection between Boyo and Derek, between life and death. She has always existed in this place of memory though she seeks to know life, reliving moments of existence recalled from the brief time in her mother’s womb. Dais represents innocence; the purity that even the worst of us desire. The whorish Sadie, Freddie, or Derek, each long to be children once more. In life she is within their grasp but they cannot help but forsake her, instead choosing their own addictions and dark cravings.

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October 11, 2010
Eli Higgins

Eli Higgins


March 16, 2010
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