The Voices International Red Band Trailer (2015)

International red band trailer for The Voices shows never before seen footage from the film with added focus on R-rated dialogue. Preview also shows some of the film's first critical acclaim from foreign markets.

The voices of the pets are not played by voice actors as originally planned by the director. Ryan Reynolds used variations of his own voice to play them because he reasoned that the voices were supposed to be in his head so they should sound like him. The voice of the cat is modeled after a longtime friend of Reynolds.

Mark Romanek was originally set to direct The Voices. He is mostly known for directing music videos for the likes of Michael Jackson and Madonna to Weezer and Taylor Swift. The film ended up being directed by Marjane Satrapi, who directed the Academy Award-winning animated film Persepolis which was based on her autobiographical graphic novel of the same name.Even though the film’s core cast is filled with British, American, and Canadian actors, the film was actually made in Germany.

The Voices International Red Band Trailer Screencap

The Voices looks weird and ridiculous but I also could not help but laugh and appreciate the dark comedy that was so obviously the point. Ryan Reynolds includes his mix of charm, humor, and the ability to seem off-putting at times to play a guy who kills people and talks to his pets. His pets talk back, which is where most of “the voices” seem to come from. Although, there is a voice that comes from a decapitated head of Gemma Arterton, who Reynold’s character apparently killed.

Other than all that, he seems like a sweet guy who complements his co-workers and has a crush on Anna Kendrick, but who doesn’t? If Kathleen Turner can be a serial killer who appears to be an amusing likable person to everyone who doesn’t deserve her wrath in Serial Mom, Ryan Reynolds can definitely do the same.

Ryan Reynolds is an interesting actor because, despite his movie star good looks that would be easy to score loads of big budget vehicles and romances, he tends to go for the smaller, more bizarre films which may be less known but hidden treasures. Films like The Voices are always strange since audiences are expected to be sympathetic to a schizophrenic who murders people, but the trailer does seem to include just enough weird moments and familiar faces to justify its odd premise.

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February 05, 2015
Marjane Satrapi

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February 6, 2015
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