The Neon Demon International Trailer (2016)

International trailer for The Neon Demon is more like a red band trailer, featuring R-rated content from the film.

A girl looking to live out her dreams arrives to Los Angeles. Her dream is to become a model. Her meteoric rise, beauty and purity can only arouse jealousy and envy. Some girls bow before it, others are desperate to steal what she has.

Nicolas Winding Refn gave a great reason to why he went forward with this project, and his selection of location: "I decided that I'd made enough films about violent men, and I wanted to do a film with only women in the film, and so I did this story because my wife would only go to L.A. if we had to travel out of Copenhagen. She’s like, ‘I’m done with Asia. I will only do Los Angeles.’ And so I came up with an idea and went to L.A..."

If for some reason you can't think of the films about "violent men", be sure to check out Drive, a great film, and Only God Forgives, a terrible one. Both star Ryan Gosling. If you have seen these films, then your ears will likely be right at home with the music in The Neon Demon, as composer Cliff Martinez has returned for another go with Refn.

Though there are no reviews on the film yet, expect that to change after it premieres at the Cannes Film Festival.

First off, it should be stated that the international community is a lot less sensitive to sexual elements, hence why this trailer feels a whole bunch like a red band. In short, the preview is super er, sensual. But, besides the nudity and violence, that are also a ton of new amazing visuals that deserve your attention.

The music selection is of course excellent, as Refn seems to have a knack for picking the right music for his films and their trailers. I should point out that the ringtone on my phone is the musical sequence from the trailer for Only God Forgives; true story. Who knew a melody so innocent can market a movie where people get their hands cut off in super slow-mo. Mind boggling.

The international trailer for The Neon Demon does open up a bunch of questions. Like--Is that a vampire we see at the one-minute mark? And how the hell did a cougar get into a bedroom? Did that chick just get punched? Is Keanu going to join the ladies in the shower? Lesbians? Lesbians?!?

See, this film is all over the map. But, it's Refn, so can't help but dig all of it.

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May 12, 2016
Nicolas Winding Refn

Nicolas Winding Refn

Amazon Studios

June 10, 2016
Jena Malone
Keanu Reeves
Christina Hendricks
Elle Fanning
Abbey Lee
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