Justice League Theatrical Trailer (2017)


Theatrical and Final Trailer for Justice League.

In the wake of Clark Kent Supermans death at the hands of Doomsday in BvS , vigilante Bruce Wayne Batman reevaluates his extreme methods and begins reaching out to extraordinary heroes to assemble a team of crime fighters to defend earth from all kinds of threats. They face off against Steppenwolf, the herald and second in command to alien warlord Darkseid , who is charged by Darkseid with hunting down three artifacts hidden on Earth.

It is no surprise that Justice League is expected to be a major hit at the box office. Early predictions for the film has it debuting with an opening weekend of $130–170 million and a total domestic gross of $330 million. What are your prediction for opening weekend?

The score of the film has seen some changes with who was expected to be the composer. Unfortunately Hans Zimmer, who composed the score for Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, stated that he is officially retired from the superhero business. So, the Studio had find a replacement and they settled on Junkie XL, who wrote and composed the soundtrack of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice with Zimmer. But in June of this year, Danny Elfman was announced to have replaced Junkie XL. Elfman had previously composed Batman, Batman Returns, and the theme song for Batman: The Animated Series.

Warner Bros knows how to market a blockbuster film and they have done a great job with this one...not that a super hero film featuring Batman, Wonder Woman and a slew of others needs that much marketing to get the word out. But, they saved the best for last with this final trailer for Justice League.

It seems like it has been forever since they first announced film at Comic-Con but we are just a little over a month away from finally getting to see the film.

This trailer does what many fans having been waiting for...teasing us with Superman right from the start. Although it is just a dream sequence between him and Lois Lane, it is just enough of the Man of Steel before we get to see what kind of role he will have in the film.

The trailer is packed to the brim with explosive action and the fun interactions between the super heroes that I think will make this film. It is our best look at the film and I cannot wait to see it!

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October 08, 2017
Zack Snyder

Chris Terrio

Warner Bros Pictures

November 10, 2017
Ben Affleck
Henry Cavill
Gal Gadot
Amy Adams
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