You are about to join the most ordinary man in the world on a most extraordinary space adventure across the universe to the furthest edges of irreverent sci-fi comedy in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. So grab a good towel, stick your thumb out at the stars and get ready for a mind-boggling ride of cosmically funny proportions.

Twenty years in the making, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy brings the story that became beloved by millions -- and a part of the world’s pop cultural zeitgeist -- at long last to the movie screen. Mix-mastering science fiction, comedy, adventure and philosophy into one original entertainment experience, acclaimed author and Renaissance man Douglas Adams’ novel was always considered ahead of its time. But now a new day has dawned on the story with this motion picture version that Douglas was intimately involved in creating prior to his tragic early death of a heart attack.

It all begins with Arthur Dent (Martin Freeman), a typical guy having a very bad day. Arthur’s house is about to be bulldozed, his best friend turns out to be an alien and, to top things off, it appears that Planet Earth will be demolished in mere seconds to make way for a hyperspace freeway. Arthur’s only chance for survival: hitch a quick ride on a passing spacecraft, with the help of his best friend Ford Prefect (Mos Def). Jetting off into the complete unknown, Arthur makes some major, mostly harmless, discoveries about the true nature of the universe. He finds that a towel is the most massively useful thing a person can carry. He uncovers the precise meaning of life. And he learns that the answers to everything anyone ever wanted to know -- and plenty that no one in his right mind could possibly have expected -- are all to be found in one fantastically entertaining electronic book: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

That’s right. There’s a guide to this crazy cosmos of ours -- or at least that’s the way Douglas Adams imagined it, and nothing has quite been the same afterward. Indeed ever since Adams first wrote the story of Arthur Dent and his accidental discovery of the largest collection of cosmic wisdom this side of the Big Bang, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy has been blowing minds, tickling funny bones and revealing to its fans just how fun Life, the Universe and Everything in it might turn out to be if only we could spend the weekend at the edges of time and space.

Propelled by a mischievous wit, populated by creatures unlike any ever dreamed up before, unafraid to poke fun at sci-fi traditions and yet featuring a thoroughly thought-provoking view of life’s most gigantic mysteries, the world created by Adams soon became a powerful influence on pop culture. From physicist Stephen Hawking to former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney to fantasy filmmaker George Lucas, artists, scientists, philosophers and hipsters around the world fell in love with Arthur Dent and his uncanny adventures on the other side of reality. The story, which originally started as a radio series, went on to become a five-part trilogy of novels, a BBC TV series, a groundbreaking computer game, the subject of college courses and more. The only journey the story never made was to the movies. Until now.

Inspired by Adams’ runaway creativity, the film version of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy pays homage to the spirit of irreverence and invention that have made this story so enduring. Using an eye-popping mix of state-of-the-art and old-school special effects, the film propels audiences -- whether long-time fans or the as-yet uninitiated -- right out of everyday reality and into a side-achingly alternate universe that plays by its own set of rules.

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September 03, 2009
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April 29, 2005
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