The Graveyard Trailer (2006)

One fateful night Jack dares his friends Allie, Sara, Charlie, Michelle and Eric to play hide and seek in a graveyard. Eric is blindfolded while his friends run off and hide. Eric finishes counting and takes off his blindfold and there in front of him is a masked figure with a knife. Eric runs away in fear with the killer in pursuit. Eric helplessly watches as the killer finds Sarah first, and slashes her throat. He keeps on running, and in his panic, doesn’t see the iron bars sticking out in his direct path. Before he can stop he runs into the bars, and kills himself instantly. The masked figure stops running and removes his mask… Bobby (Patrick Scott Lewis) is Eric’s best friend, and he was just playing a prank. The friends slowly come out from their ‘hiding’ places and are horrified at how their ‘joke’ turned so deadly.

Five years later, Bobby is released on parole from prison after serving his manslaughter sentence. All the surviving friends return to where Eric died, to get some closure, but little do they know that history is about to gruesomely repeat itself… They meet the other guests - Peter (Marcus Potter) their personal chef for their trip and Jack’s new girlfriend Veronica. Bobby is reintroduced to his old friends, but they can all see that he’s very different from the teenager they knew before – darker, more tormented and a little scary.

As darkness falls, the friends are spooked by mysterious screams in the night. When Veronica goes ‘missing’ after a shower they begin to panic. Their cars are vandalized and the friends realize with horror that they are now trapped in a remote location, and something deadly is going on. The group split up and one by one they are hunted down and killed by a masked killer. As the bodies fall, the hysteria rises and the friends start to question who is after them, could it be one of their own and is everyone really who they say they are?

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March 17, 2010
Michael Feifer

Michael Feifer

Lightning Entertainment

June 27, 2006
Lindsay Ballew
Patrick Scott Lewis
Markus Potter
Trish Coren
Erin Michelle
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