Stranded Teaser Trailer (2003)

A crew of six astronauts is about to make the first manned mission to Mars. They suit up and board their lunar lander. Something goes wrong, however, and the lander malfunctions, crashing into the Mars surface.

After the space ship crashes, five of the six crew are left alive: Luca, Jenny, Fidel, Suzanna and Herbert. The captain dies in the crash from a broken neck. After a few days, the scientist on board, Luca, announces that if they are to be rescued, it will take over two years for a ship to reach them. If all five people stay inside the ship, they will use up too much energy and will die from suffocation within a year. Luca tells the survivors that in order to be rescued, three of them will have to kill themselves so the remaining two can use the resources and hold out for the two years.

Susana decides, since she was second in command, that herself, Fidel and Herbert will be the ones to die, since Jenny is a doctor and Luca is a pilot, both of their skills would be needed more than theirs.

They all sleep one last night, before suiting up. Susana, Fidel and Herbert all suit up in their space suits and set out on their suicide mission. Before they die, they decide to use the little power and oxygen in their space suits to record what they can of the mars surface and transmit it back to the crashed lander, so the people on Earth will have footage.

Along the way, Herbert is the first to run out of oxygen. He lies down and dies peacefully, after telling Susanna that he would have wanted to get to know her better.

Susanna and Fidel continue on. They find a chasm and enter it. The walls are carved with runes and pictures, something that is obviously impossible without intelligent life. They continue on deeper, and make a shocking discovery - inside the caves, air pressure is at a normal level, as is oxygen and temperature. Just as Fidel's oxygen tanks run out, he opens his mask, and finds out that this is breathable air inside the caves.

Inside the caves, they cannot transmit data to the lander. Luca and Jenny assume they have died, but suddenly they have a crisis of their own. The lander is leaking air. The sensors that detect such a problem failed, and they realize that roughly half of their oxygen has already leaked out. Even with only two people, they will die a year short of their rescue.

Luca wants to have sex with Jenny since he is sure they will die very shortly. She turns him down and is determined to fix the leak.

While this is going on, Fidel accidentally enters an unpressurized tunnel, which decompresses his body. His internal organs are basically flattened inside of his body, and even though Susanna pulls him back to a pressurized tunnel, he suffocates.

Jenny exits the lander in her space suit, but is unable to find the leak. Just as she is about to give up, she hears Susanna over the radio. She has found a way out of the tunnels while remaining in pressurized air, and reestablished contact with the lander. She tells them about the air, and Luca decides to join Jenny in going to find Susanna.

They abandon the lander and reach the tunnels, and, much to their surprise, they are very able to breathe the air there.

The trio discovers a lake full of drinkable water that some how hasn't frozen, as well as primitive plant life. They also figure out how to make fire. They decide that they will try to survive as long as they can, using these plants and water.

Whether they are rescued or how well their plan works is never shown.

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August 14, 2011
María Lidón

Juan Miguel Aguilera


May 20, 2003
Vincent Gallo
Maria de Medeiros
Joaquim de Almeida
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