Special Correspondents Trailer (2016)


Trailer for Special Correspondents, starring Eric Bana and Ricky Gervais.

Ricky Gervais's hilarious comedy follows a struggling radio journalist and his hapless technician faking frontline war reports from a NYC hideout.

Special Correspondents first popped on the radar back in winter of 2014, when Ricky Gervais acknowledged that he planned on directing the film based off a screenplay he wrote. After the announcement, the film's cast quickly grew, with Eric Bana quickly joining the ranks followed by names like Benjamin Bratt, who plays Bana's nemesis, Kelly Macdonald and Vera Farmiga, whose role is described as "ruthless wife" to Gervais's character.

Filming began just before summer 2015 and production crews were spotted in both Toronto and New York City. Gervais announced that the film was complete in fall of 2015 -- save for the original score -- and described it as, "Even though it would certainly be billed as a comedy, it's not a big broad loud obvious one...It's a bit satirical. A bit dramatic. A bit romantic."

Composter Dickon Hinchliffe joined Special Correspondents to compose the score in February, 2016.

Special Correspondents Trailer Screencap

Ricky Gervais's humor has never really matched up to my own, so I was fairly certain that the dry jokes in Special Correspondents would fall flat [for me]. The film's humor, however, seems to have been upgraded for US audiences. In short, I was surprised to find that this film looks like a ton of fun and it's nice to see Eric Bana taking a break from the more-serious roles to show off his comedic side. Him and Gervais make a (surprisingly) great buddy duo.

The Special Correspondents trailer has got great energy, and provides us with another reason to subscribe to Netflix. With the first half playing on the running joke of faux news, the second half jumps right into the consequences (and action) for doing so. Love it.

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March 23, 2016
Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais


April 29, 2016
Vera Farmiga
Kelly Macdonald
America Ferrera
Eric Bana
Ricky Gervais
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