Sorry, If I Love You Foreign Trailer (2008)


Foreign trailer for Sorry, If I Love You.

Niki and her girlfriends are in their last year of high school. Though almost adults, they can still get up to the most incredible mischief. Alex is a "boy" going on thirty-seven whose legendary steady girlfriend has just left him without one word of explanation.

At the advertising agency where Alex has an important job, an ambitious young recruit is starting to become a serious threat. Yet, even the fear of losing his job would not have troubled this morning much, unless it hadn’t also been the morning that Alex met the woman of his life.

Niki, beautiful, intelligent, witty, vivacious, bursting with life. Yet, with just one problem. Niki is seventeen. Twenty years younger than Alex. After that fatal morning, nothing would ever be the same. It is a headlong collision between adults and teens, wreaking havoc between mothers and daughters, mayhem between little-boy fathers and children who are already adults.

Though everything tells Alex that this is true love, and that with Niki, for the first time in his life, he has discovered the joy of loving, he is overcome by fear. The fear of breaking conventions, the fear of the future. Alex unexpectedly sees his ex-girlfriend again and leaves Niki.

A revelation awaits, however, something that will make Alex realise so many things. Above all, how much he loves Niki. A great lesson in the name of love, and the courage to follow your heart.

2 min 8 sec


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January 12, 2011
Federico Moccia

Chiara Barzini

Medusa Film

January 25, 2008
Raoul Bova
Michela Quattrociocche
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