Single Trailer (2015)

Ebi is a young, unemployed and gullible man. He also has a habit of asking his mother for money every time she comes to visit him in Jakarta. More than that, Ebi is single. He has been single his whole life. Each time he tries to get closer to girls, they always reject him. And so ... he leads a pitiful life.

One day, Ebi’s younger brother, Alva, who is arguably the better looking and more accomplished member of the family — announces his wedding plans. And in an effort to save face (because what could be more embarrassing than to have your kid brother flaunt his perfect life in front of your entire family?) Ebi decides to launch himself on a mission: find a girl to bring as a date to his kid brother’s wedding. He hopes that by doing so, he will feel less of a failure in front of his mother.

With the aid of his housemates, Wawan who is always under the impression that he knows everything about everything and VICTOR who has a pessimistic view of the world, Ebi begins his quest to look for a suitor. Alas, his efforts yield little results. Nevertheless, Ebi’s quest does not end there. Eventually,he does meet a most beautiful girl,who happens to be the new tenant at the boarding house where he lives. Her name is Angel and, just like her name, she is as beautiful as an angel. With his heart set on her, Ebi challenges himself to go after Angel.

As fate would have it, just as Ebi is about to get close to Angel, JOE walks into their lives. He is someone whom Angel considers a brother, someone who has been an important part of her life for quite some time. Though, unbeknownst to her, Joe harbors strong feelings for her, which leads him to believe the only way he’s going to get her love is by getting rid of Ebi. And so Joe manipulates their relationship with that in mind.

Will Ebi find a way to win Angel’s heart? Will he be able to get rid of Joe, his competition? One thing for sure, Ebi will soon realize that his adventure in letting go of his singlehood will help him rediscover all the things he needs in life, rather than to continue demanding for all the things he wants.

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November 02, 2015
Raditya Dika

Raditya Dika


December 17, 2015
Raditya Dika
Annisa Rawles
Chandra Liow
Pandji Pragiwaksono
Babe Cabiita
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