Serial Killing 4 Dummys Trailer (2004)


Casey Noland is your average high school teen, well, not completely. He can't figure out what in the world to do with his life. His attractive classmate Sasha Fitzgerald seems to have a morbid fascination with death which captivates Casey. He decides to go for immortal fame and become a serial killer. Unbeknownst to all, a real serial killer stalks the streets of the city they inhabit.

School isn't going well for Casey. He's humiliated in gym class by the evil coach Grimaldi and gets sent to the school counselor after he hands in a career paper about his future serial killing aspirations.

Sasha persuades Casey to let her be his first victim. As they intensify their research, Casey becomes an expert on serial killing. Casey and Sasha fall for each other in an awkward way.

When it comes time to try out his new skills as a killer, Casey reluctantly puts his new found vocation to the test and kills his next door neighbor's irritating dog... but can't do it; he tries to kill Sasha... but can't do it; and he tries to kill an old pensioner... but can't do it.

Although he's failed to kill, he's learned enough about serial killing to figure out that Grimaldi is the city's REAL serial killer. With help from his wacky friend, Amil, Casey gets the proof he needs, just as Grimaldi abducts Sasha.

The showdown is back at school in the dead of night, Casey and Amil break-in, find Grimaldi's secret lair, save Sasha and stop the serial killings. Casey saves the day and won the girl. He decides to pursue a career in psychologically profiling criminals for the FBI instead of killing.

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March 29, 2010
Trace Slobotkin

Trace Slobotkin

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November 10, 2004
Thomas Haden Church
Justin Urich
Lisa Loeb
Rick Overton
George Murdock
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