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Trailer for Seoul Searching,

Seoul, 1986. A raucous gaggle of Korean teenagers spill out of the Gimpo Airport and onto buses that transport them to a location just outside the city. There, these high schoolers sent from all over the world—the U.S., Mexico, London, and Hamburg—are participating in a government-sponsored summer program to help them connect with their heritage. With a summer of partying ahead of them, they’re on a crash course to bring shame to their families, their ancestors, and their hosts—but with any luck, they might just figure out how to make friends, fall in love, and absorb some of their roots along the way.

Based on filmmaker Benson Lee’s own experience as a teenager, Seoul Searching pays homage to the John Hughes dramedies of the 1980s and adds its own flair of Korean drama to create a fresh, original film. With spot-on costuming, an '80s-infused soundtrack, and an exciting all-Asian cast just waiting to be discovered, Seoul Searching delivers an extended remix of heartfelt nostalgia, hilarity, and fun.

Seoul Searching took a Web 2.0 approach to casting by making an open call on the film's Facebook Page. Receiving thousands of video auditions, three of the film's lead castmembers were selected this way. To top it off, the casting director went on to cast Sue Son and Esteban Ahn after -- wait for it -- seeing them on YouTube.

While this strategy of finding your cast sounds odd, it should be said that the 80s teen comedy scored three, count 'em, three standing ovations during it's premiere at Sundance.

Seoul Searching Trailer Screencap

Having grown up in the 1980s -- I was born in 1981 -- I was really hoping for a lot more of the decade's ugly style, but now I'm thinking it was possibly the early 90s where it got really ugly. When it comes to the story showcased in the Seoul Searching trailer, there seems to be a lot more political dynamic in this teen comedy than what is normally seen when watching kids grow up during the same period in the US.

For instance, I can't think of a John Hughes movie where you see law enforcement pulling out their guns on one another. Or watching a township turn into some sort of fight club. I guess this is perfectly normal for Seoul.

But who are we to judge, as we loved watching young boys get smacked (in slow-mo) across the ass by butch older boys in Dazed and Confused.

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May 24, 2016
Benson Lee

Benson Lee


June 17, 2016
Justin Chon
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