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The trailer for Sense and Sensibility.

This is yet another adaption of Jane Austin's book Sense and Sensibility. It is set in the neo-Classicism era, this is plainly seen in the style of dress by women and men, as well as the architecture of the wealthy houses.

The story begins when Mr. Dashwood dies, but there is one significant problem with this: he was a wealthy man but his estate is entailed to his son from his first marriage, John. Mr. Dashwood Senior can only leave a very tiny bequest to the second Mrs. Dashwood and her three daughters. With only a minuscule income, they need to find another place to live. Meanwhile, John and Fanny Dashwood move into the house, and Mrs. Dashwood, Elinor, Marianne and Margaret become guests in their former home.

Fanny invites her brother Edward to visit. In time, the very practical and kind Elinor, meets the sweet, shy and rich Mr. Edward Ferrars. Edward proves to be the antithesis of his sister Fanny and soon endears himself to the Dashwood family. Elinor and Edward develop a close friendship, and soon are falling in love with one another, but neither one is sure of the others true feelings. Displeased with this development, Fanny hints to Mrs Dashwood that Edward will loose his inheritance if he does not marry according to his mother's wishes. Fanny arranges for Edward to leave unexpectedly.

After Edward's departure, Mrs. Dashwood accepts the offer from a distant cousin, Sir John, to live in a small cottage on his estate near the village of Barton. There, the Dashwoods encounter a variety of local residents, some of whom busy themselves with matchmaking the two latest young ladies. It quickly becomes clear that the wealthy landowner, Colonel Brandon, is quietly courting Marianne, who seems receptive to his efforts. However while walking during a rain storm, Marianne falls and twists her ankle. The dashingly handsome and charming Mr. Willoughby comes to her rescue, and in true heroic fashion, carries her in his arms back to her home. This appeals to the romatically inclined Marianne, and she switches her favor to Mr. Willoughby, who also charms the other three Dashwoods. Marianne falls head first into a whirling affair with Mr. Willoughby. But one day Willoughby suddenly leaves the county, and sends her a note announcing his engagement to another.

The Palmers, another local wealthy family, invite the two Dashwoods sisters to stay with them in town (London) for a vew weeks. Marianne meets Willoughby again, at various ton parties, but he treats her distantly. He finally sends her a letter, harshly asking her to stop pestering him about their past association. He has chosen to marry for money, not love. While Marianne tries to accept his rejection, Colonel Brandon arrives in town and discovers the situation. He tells Elinor about Willoughby's affair with Brandon's ward, the child of his first love. But he did not know Willoughby was responsible for ruining his ward, until after Willoughby left Barton village. Willoughby's aunt had disinherited him after discovering his dishonorable actions, even though he intended to marry Marianne. Elinor relays this sad tale to Marianne, who realizes Willoughby chose money over his affections for her.

In town, Fanny introduces Elinor to her visitor, Lucy Steele, who quickly befriends her. Soon, Lucy confides to Elinor that Edward and Lucy have been secretly engaged for the past five years. Devastated, Elinor cannot tell anyone of this development, even as her family and friends puzzle over why Edward has not proposed to Elinor. One day, Lucy tells Fanny about the secret engagement. Fanny scolds the girl, and then throws her out as Lucy's house guest. Lucy tells her mother (Mrs. Ferrars) about Edward's engagement. Mrs. Ferrars insists he break the engagement, but Edward intends to honor his promise to Lucy, despite being in love with Elinor. Mrs. Ferrars promptly disinherits Edward for planning to 'marry beneath him' and bestows the fortune on Robert, her younger son. Meanwhile, Lucy meets Robert Ferrars, and the attraction is instant.

Colonel Brandon, upon hearing of Edward's disinheritance, admires his integrity and sense of honor. He asks Elinor to tell that Brandon will give Edward the parsonage on his own estate. This allows Edward and Lucy to marry immediately, now that his income is secured.

Disappointed and meloncoly, Elinor and Marianne travel back home with the Palmers and Colonel Brandon. Back in the country, a very brokenhearted Marriane walk through a thunderstorm to see Mr. Willoughby and his new wife's house over the hill. She becomes very ill and falls into a fever induced semi-coma. Elinor begs her sister to survive, and does not leave her side for a moment. With the help of Colonel Brandon and the elderly doctor, as well as Elinor's pleas, Marianne's fever finally breaks, and she starts her recovery.

Marianne's recovery is supervised by both her family and Colonel Brandon, who reads poetry to her every day. During this time, the Dashwoods learn that Mr. Ferrars is now married; Elinor is heartbroken and resigns herself to be a spinster. But a few days later, Edward comes back to find Elinor. When she asks after his wive, Mrs. Edward Ferrars, he explains that Lucy has married his brother, Robert. This news causes the stoic Elinor to lose control, while Edward (in a very tongue tied manner) asks Elinor to marry him. She happily accepts.

In time, the village celebrates Colonel Brandon and Marriane's wedding, in the beginning of summer in a little country church with many friends and much happiness all round. Off in the distance, Mr. Willoughby watches from his horse on the hill, regretting his choice of money over his love, Marianne.

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September 22, 2009
Ang Lee

Jane Austen

Columbia Pictures

December 13, 1995
Emma Thompson
Alan Rickman
Kate Winslet
Hugh Grant
James Fleet
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