Ready Player One Come With Me Trailer (2018)


Special trailer, the fourth already, for Ready Player One. Oasis, the virtual universe that the people of Earth see as a means to their daily lives. A Utopia that allows the ability to escape, learn and create a social life in an alternate universe. But what happens when this universe's creator dies? A trivia hunt that relies on knowledge of 80s and 90s pop culture will help to determine who is next to rule.

The film's source material, the novel by Ernest Cline, is a powerhouse on Amazon. The film has a whopping 15,600+ reviews, is rated the third most read on Amazon Charts, and averages a 4.5 star review. Most impressive Mr. Cline, most impressive!

Having read the book, I can confirm it is quite the single-installment tale. And, now that we have a sequel being written, I'm not exactly sure where the story could go. But, part of the fun is the pop culture references, so am sure to enjoy it either way.

Warner Bros is really having some fun with the marketing materials for Ready Player One. The film will be a visual feast, obviously. But, where one can only hope it succeeds, is the references to classic pop culture.

While the first trailer was more subtle with the music selection, requiring a good ear to pick it up, this latest rendition features a variation of Pure Imagination. It's a cool melody, but do prefer when they allow the audience to figure out what they are hearing on their own.

Other than the music, the visuals are insane. I love all the new stuff being showcased here. My only concern now is whether Tye Sheridan can pull it off. Not that I'm doubting his abilities, but he's obviously doing a lot of voicework for the CG aspects and is surrounded by visuals that make acting difficult. The story (partially) relies on the audience being fond of his character and the struggles he experiences. If that falls flat, the visuals may not be able to save it.

Ready Player One Come With Me Trailer (2018)

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February 15, 2018
Steven Spielberg

Ernest Cline

Warner Bros Pictures

March 30, 2018
Hannah John-Kamen
T.J. Miller
Ben Mendelsohn
Tye Sheridan
Simon Pegg
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"Come With Me"
Bryan Nguyen

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