Predator Trailer B (1987)


A second trailer for Predator.

Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and his elite commando team lead an assault into the jungle to rescue a CIA hostage from a gureilla group who shot down his helicopter. Dutch and his team demolish the militants but discover no hostages other than a single, terrified girl (Anna). Dutch realises they have been set up and, with no choice, heads to the chopper pick-up point. However, unbeknownest to Dutch, they are being tracked by a savage, invisible alien, the Predator.

It follows the group and when Anna tries to escape the group and Hawkins follows, it kills him leaving Anna alive-she had no weapon, no sport. The group find (part of) Hawkins and continue towards the chopper. Anna only says that, 'the jungle came alive and took him.' but soon Blain is killed and Mac gets a glimpse of the Predator and, joined by the others, fires wildly into the jungle. They wound the Predator but he escapes and the group set up camp for the night. In the night, Mac is startled when something trips a trap they set up. He dives on the intruder only to discover he has killed a boar. The group settle down but discover that Blain's body has vanished without a trace. Shaken, the group tries to sleep.

The next day, the group set up a large amount of traps and lie in wait for the Predator. He gets caught in a trap but manages to escape sending a log flying into Poncho, severly wounding him. Mac sprints off after the Predator, yelling hysterically and is followed by Dillon. The pair track it down but are ambushed and are slaughtered.

The survivors, Dutch, Poncho, Billy and Anna, try to escape but are held back by Poncho. They reach a log going across a valley and Billy stops, throwing down his weapon to take the Predator one-on-one. He is slaughtered but gives the group more time. the group collapses and the Predator appears in a tree above them. It shoots Poncho and Dutch (who survives), Anna reaches for a gun but Dutch kicks it from her hand and screams: get to the chopper! Dutch flees from the Predator and slides into a river, it turns out that the Predator's infrared sensors are easily fooled by the mud covering Dutch. He prepares some self-made weapons and traps, covers himself in mud and makes the Predator chase him.

Dutch yells out a challenge to the Predator and the pair engage in ferocious hand-to-hand combat, Dutch lures his opponent to the site of the traps, where the Predator manages to discover one, circles around it, but is crushed by the second one in form of a huge tree stem. Dutch wants to finish him off by crushing hsi head with a huge rock, but sees him bleeding, dying and thinks better of it. Instead he ask, half-rhetorically, "What the hell are you?". The Predator, in what looks like a translation attempt, opens his alien forearm-attached PDA, and engages its self-destruct mechanism, laughing maniacally.

Dutch runs away and nearly doesn't escape the nuclear mini-explosion, which seems to entail some sort of electro-magnetic pulse, seen affecting the rescue helicopter carrying Anna. Dutch walks out from the smoking, devastated jungle area, where the helicopter picks him up. Roll credits.

2 min 10 sec


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March 15, 2010
John McTiernan

Jim Thomas

20th Century Fox

June 12, 1987
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Carl Weathers
Elpidia Carrillo
Bill Duke
Jesse Ventura
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