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Trailer for Pete Smalls is Dead.

KC is at his wit’s end. A loan shark he owes $10.000 took his dog hostage. His friends Jack from L.A. promises him to get help from Pete Smalls. But he comes too late: The great Hollywood director Pete Smalls just died. The wake is a disgrace as there is only a wax effigy of Smalls in the coffin.

No one can tell anymore what is real and what is illusion in the dream factory.

The art film. That's where KC Monkstarted and now he is lost working in a Laundromat folding other people's dirty laundry. His world came crashing down on him when his wife died and left him alone with their arthritic dog Buddha--and he had to hock himself to a loan shark, for ten grand, when he needed to save the poor old pup from death's door. Of course the door came swinging back and pummeled both him and the dog when KC couldn't pay the loan shark back. 10 grand--the only place he could get change like that was LA, a town that kicked his ass the first time around and might like the chance to do it again, this time harder. 10 grand or he'll never see Buddha again.

His old pal Jack Games claims he'll find KC the money but there's an “if” as there always is with Jack. KC has to attend the funeral of their former close friend and one-time collaborator, the famous Hollywood director, Pete Smalls. Yet Pete Smalls' world, the world of big-budget action movies, was the world KC fled -- but that was “then.” Now he's down to a choice between few and none, and before he knows it, Jack is leading him down the slippery back alleys of Hollywood where all the heart in town could fit in the belly of a fruit fly and still have room for three cara- way seeds.

You see, Jack has a "secret" plan to get KC his money back and set just about every ill in the world right. He is going to conclusively prove that Pete Smalls' stole KC's unpublished screenplay and the two will ransom the rights back from the film's crass and Boorish producer : Hal Lazar. Its nuts but what else has KC got to go on...Jump- ing on the back of Jack's busted up 30cc scooter, KC follows Jack around the dirty streets looking for clues, chasing the ghost of Pete Smalls.

KC and Jack have to travel this jungle of deception in search of the truth like Don Quixote and Sancho Pansa. On their bike they ride against the windmills of the film industry and stumble from one bizarre situation into the next. The odd couple of Peter Dinklage and Mark Boone meet the craziest stars of L.A., among them Seymour Cassel, Steve Buscemi, Tim Roth, Rosie Perez and a whole gang of Tarantino trained gangster Panda bears. Alex Rockwell helps us to a heavy dose of self-irony as he tackles the demon Hollywood as this real rollercoaster ride of a film reveals a lot about the darkness in his independent soul. A lot of scenery has to be torn down before KC and his beloved runt Chaz meet again.

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January 20, 2011
Alexandre Rockwell

Brandon Cole

Image Entertainment

January 21, 2011
Peter Dinklage
Mark Boone Junior
Tim Roth
Steve Buscemi
Rosie Perez
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