October Country Trailer (2009)


Shot in upstate New York, October Country is a beautifully filmed portrait of an American family struggling for stability while haunted by the ghosts of war, teen pregnancy, foster care and child abuse. With rarely seen intimacy, sensitivity and respect, this vibrant documentary examines the forces that unsettle the working poor and the violence that lurks beneath the surface of American life.

A central idea behind October Country is that people who cannot make their voices heard begin to feel like ghosts in their own lives. When this happens, they no longer feel they have the power to change their world. At a time when working class families find themselves disenfranchised and trapped by circumstances beyond their control, it is vitally important to give them a voice - one that is neither an economic statistic nor a reality TV exploitation, but a voice that brings an understanding of their lives and an opportunity for change to both the speaker and the audience.

With this in mind, October Country was created to be both a universal story of family struggle and a socially conscious portrait of compelling, articulate individuals grappling with the forces that tear at their homes and relationships. By intimately following one family and allowing each member to reflect upon the problems that beset them, the film gives a personal voice to the issues of economic instability, domestic abuse, war trauma, and sexual molestation. As the Moshers do their best to confront their ghosts, the viewer confronts the broader issues that haunt working class lives. In a key scene, the witchy Denise stands in a cemetery, asking the unseen spirits, “Anybody want to talk to me? Can you tell me your name? Why you stay here?” With October Country we wanted to give the Mosher family, and families like them who feel they are losing their place in the world, a chance to answer.

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June 26, 2009
Michael Palmieri

Michael Palmieri


June 19, 2009
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