Trailer for the short The Man Who Knew How to Fly.

Mr. Tomašek was walking back from work when he suddenly remembered a dream. In it, he made a slight leap, pushed with his left foot, and at that very second he was flying effortlessly across the sky.

Mr. Tomašek looked around him. Nobody was following him. He moved his legs a little, as if he were riding a bicycle, and in an instant he rose to a height of 30 feet and flew in a moderate curve above the ground. Flying seemed to him self evident and caused a feeling of untold pleasure, yet it was somewhat ridiculous that nobody before him had tried it.

Mr. Tomašek realized the potential of self propelled human flight, but he also feared the repercussions. He needed to share his discovery, but had no idea how he should make it available to the public at large. The next day he stepped into his boss’s office.

Mr. Witta was the company’s Patent expert, which made him the perfect confidant for his big secret. It was not easy to convince him, but once Mr. Tomašek demonstrated his ability there was little doubt left. Amazed and excited, Mr. Witta promptly scheduled a panel of experts to examine this extraordinary ability.

Demonstrating the flight in the presence of distinguished experts proved much more difficult then anticipated. It is hard to explain a simple dream to a group of geniuses that obviously know so much more then you do. Indeed fear can paralyze one’s body. Making it that much harder to take flight.

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November 03, 2010
Robi Michael

Kit Bateman


October 22, 2010
Kim Stodel
Wayne Thomas Yorke
Armin Shimerman
Richard Clarke Larsen
Charley Rossman
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