La Linea (The Line) Trailer (2009)

La Linea (The Line) is a gritty, tactile action thriller, whose excitement and intrigue are matched only by its emotional power and depth. It is an intelligent look behind the obvious violence and political implications of the wars on drugs and terror. The Line takes us deep into the lives of the lost souls – killers, drug lords and terrorists -- all with fatal flaws and imperfections that consume them, define them and eventually eliminate them.

‘Pelon’, the psychopathic young leader of Northern Mexico’s most powerful drug cartel, is making a move from Columbian Cocaine to Afghani heroin. The US Government, which had remained tolerant of the Cocaine, will not allow for the enrichment of what they deem to be a terrorist state. The price on Pelon’s head goes sky high and bounty hunters and professional assassins start coming from the four corners of the world to collect. Bodies pile up as the Pelon takes care of them one by one while slipping into a psychotic paranoia.

Set in the atmospheric and rich cityscape of Tijuana, Mexico, La Linea (The Line) follows the journey of veteran assassin Mark Shields as he fights with 20 years of demons and pain while tracking down Pelon, the elusive head of the Salazar Cartel. When his mission is side-tracked he finds himself with a young local woman and her daughter. Through them, Shields finds his path to redemption and a way back over the Line…will he take it?

La Linea (The Line) is filled with layered and flawed characters, all trying to find some form of an elusive clarity and purpose. ‘La Linea’ avoids the clichés of a narcotics/assassin action film, and delves deep into the psyche of the people who are trying desperately to make some sense of their existence. Skillfully combining crisp action sequences and brutal violence that mirrors today’s headlines with plot and storyline twists that find their soul in the characters and their individual journeys, La Linea (The Line) is truly an ambitious work of modern art.

Like its Mexico based predecessors such as TRAFFIC, MAN ON FIRE, and AMORES PERROS, La Linea (The Line) is not set in the dusty Mexican villages that seem to have been frozen in time, but rather in the claustrophobic quasi-metropolitan city that lay a stone’s throw from the United States.

Award winning director James Cotten with his atmospheric directing style will capture the colors and richness of Tijuana and its violent reality that lay just beneath the surface, while delving deep into the emotion that is woven throughout this very important and timely tale

5 min 20 sec


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October 27, 2008
James Cotten

R. Ellis Frazier

Maya Releasing

Ray Liotta
Esai Morales
Valerie Cruz
Andy Garcia
Armand Assante
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