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Trailer for King Cobra.

Based on a stranger-than-fiction true story, King Cobra is a deliciously dark, twisted plunge into the behind-the-scenes world of the pornography industry. It’s 2006, YouTube is in its infancy, and internet porn is still behind a paywall. Taking the stage name Brent Corrigan, a fresh-faced, wannabe adult video performer (Garrett Clayton) is molded into a star by Stephen (Christian Slater), a closeted gay porn mogul who runs the skin flick empire Cobra Video from his seemingly ordinary suburban home. But as Brent’s rise and demands for more money put him at odds with his boss, he also attracts the attention of a rival producer (James Franco) and his unstable lover (Keegan Allen) who will stop at nothing to squash Cobra Video and steal its number one star. Co-starring Alicia Silverstone and Molly Ringwald, King Cobra is part delirious, tabloid-shocker satire, part American tragedy.

While it's hard to imagine while a feature film would be made about a reallife pornstar, gay or straight, the life of Sean Paul Lockhart is an interesting one. Using the alias Brent Corrigan, the young actor made a big splash in the gay porn industry at the age of seventeen? But isn't that illegal? Yep.

Top put icing on the (gay wedding) cake, the actor admitted that he was having a sexual relationship with the owner of the distribution company Cobra Video, who knew the entire time that Lockhart was not at the legal age of consent. It gets worse. When Lockhart approached the owner/director in 2005 about being under the age of 18, the director explained that, if authorities were to find out, it would be Lockhart who would be in trouble and not him. Manipulate much?

Even with the deception, Lockhart did find a successful career in the porn industry under the aliases Brent Corrigan and Fox Ryder. The porn star had to use a secondary alias when making films under distributors other than Cobra Video, who claimed to have some sort of legal ownership on the name. Weird, right? Well, it gets weirder.

On January 24, 2007, Cobra Video owner Bryan Kocis was found dead his home. Murdered by two escorts, it was later discovered was that the reasoning for the murder was to free up Lockhart and his name in order to make and distribute a gay pornographic film that had the means of making millions. Well - At least in the minds of those who committed the crime. While the crime benefited Lockhart, it turns out that he had nothing to do with it. He instead helped the prosecution find the killers and put them behind bars.

Burned out on a number of aspects in the gay porn industry, Sean Paul Lockhart made a case for using condoms in porn before exiting the industry to pursue his passion in film. As in, ordinary film, without any penetration. But, before doing so, Lockhart had twenty-seven pornographic films in distribution starring him.

While his other film career has not exactly exploded, he did have a cameo in Milk. Which might explain how James Franco may have heard about Lockhart, considering Franco was also on set.

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As crazy as this story seems, it is hard to believe that people will go to just about any length to make money. I was not shocked to see James Franco in this film. He loves doing off the wall indie projects.  Especially after seeing Leather. Interior Bar, which he directed, I would think of him readily available to portray any character in this film. But, I was shocked to see Christian Slater taking a role here. I think he does a pretty good job, but he would not be an actor that I would think of for the so called "bad guy".

I loved the music used in the trailer, which does a great job at setting up the tension between scenes. Although this film has quite the unique story line and what looks like some good acting, it is not exactly my cup of tea. In short -- I will be skipping this one. The fact that it is going straight to VOD makes me think that the studio feels the same way.

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September 26, 2016
Justin Kelly

Justin Kelly

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October 21, 2016
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