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Contest Rules
TrailerAddict runs only one (1) FILM IQ test at a time. An IQ Test is like a scavenger hunt, with a single clue per step providing the user with help to the next film page.

How it works: To answer the clue, just find and open the film page that the clue is suggesting; the answer to every clue is a film. Clues can come in the form of riddles, soundbytes, trivia or images. If you thought the clue was suggesting Pulp Fiction, then you'd go to the Pulp Fiction film page located here. If you are correct, you will be given another clue within the film details or be alerted that you've finished the scavenger hunt.

If you forget your clue, check back to this page.

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How to Win
Users who complete the scavenger hunt get "tickets", which are recorded in our database. If you are the first to finish, you receive five (5) tickets, or five chances to win. Second through fifth place get 3 tickets, with everyone else getting 1 ticket after that. A maximum number of tickets are distributed for each contest, increasing your odds of winning. We will draw as many tickets as there are prizes for each contest.
Contest Over!
Ticket #43 was drawn twice, and that ticket belonged to Daniel Reckmann!

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