Fright Night Trailer (1985)


Charley Brewster, is a normal,average teenager. Charley looks out his window and sees his new neighbors moving in the next door and appear to be carrying what looks like a coffin. Later Charley sees Jerry Dandridge bitting the neck of a young teenage girl. He tells his mother what he saw, but she passes it off as Charley's imagination. He tries to tell his friend "Evil Ed", and girlfriend Amy Peterson,but neither of them belive him, and begin to worry about mental well being. Charley then seeks out help of favorite vampire killer, Peter Vincent. Peter drives up and is shown the Dandridge house,in order to persuade Charley that Dandridge can't possibly be a vampire. At the house of Jerry Dandridge,Mr. Vincent brings his own mirror from his acting role. After Peter Vincent sees Jerry casts no reflection in his mirror he gets scared,and gathers up Amy,Charley,and Ed.And they all leave. Mr. Vincent hurries to his car,and then he drives away fast. Afterwards,Charley,Amy and Ed walk away. Evil decides to leave Charley and Amy by walking in a dark alley,he runs down the alley, and it gets darker. All the sudden Jerry Dandridge appears, who wants Ed to become a vampire. Mr. Vincent is scared and tries to shake it off, from feeling scared. Just then Evil Ed knocks on Peter Vincent's door,and Peter opens it,and begins conversing to Evil Ed casually,as he knows nothing of the hideous,undead revenant Evil Ed is now. Suddenly Evil attacks Mr. Vincent, who sinks a cross upon Evil Ed's forehead. A scalded Evil Ed slinks away,threatening Mr. Vincent with telling The Master. Charley runs back to Mr. Vincent,who makes him grab a cross before he enters. Then Charley persuades Peter Vincent that they must confront Dandridge. The duo get ready, and go to Jerry's mansion. By then,he has already turned Amy into a half-vampire. As Charley and Vincent enter the house,Dandridge welcomes to"Fright Night",ror real. Vincent hesitates for a moment,and his Faith Is Too Weak To Keep Dandridge At Bay With His Cross. However Charley has faith and the vampire covers in fear from his crucifix,but Billy Cole,(Dandridge's Zombie Friend), coming to his master's aid,knocks Charley off the staircase rendering Charley unconscious. Mr. Vincent panics and runs to Charley's house. Charley wakes up to find himself locked in a room with Amy(who is now a half-vampire). Dandridge leaves a stake for Charley,giving him a choice:To kill Amy or not. Peter Vincent then comes to Charley's rescue. In the end Peter Vincent shoots Billy Cole in the head, And Charley stakes Cole in the chest,and he dies. Then Charley and Peter Vincent lets in sunlight that kills Jerry Dandridge. Then Amy Peterson turns back to normal.

1 min 29 sec


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November 23, 2010
Tom Holland

Tom Holland

Columbia Pictures

August 2, 1985
Chris Sarandon
William Ragsdale
Amanda Bearse
Roddy McDowall
Stephen Geoffreys
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