A clip from Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man.

Larry Talbot, the "Wolf Man", is awakened from death by grave robbers. Seeking a cure for the curse that causes him to transform into a werewolf with every full moon, he goes to Frankenstein's castle, as he hopes to find there the notes of Dr. Ludwig Frankenstein so he might learn how to permanently end his own life through scientific means, knowing now that being struck by silver was not the final cure the legend claims.

By chance, during of his transformations into a werewolf, he falls into the castle's frozen catacombs and revives Frankenstein's Monster. Finding that the Monster is unable to locate the notes of the long-dead doctor, Talbot seeks out Baroness Elsa Frankenstein, hoping she knows their hiding place. A performance of the song "Faro-la Faro-Li" enrages Talbot into a fit before the appearance of Frankenstein's Monster. After the Monster's revival becomes known to the villagers, she gives the notes to Talbot and Dr. Mannering, who has tracked Talbot across Europe, so that they may be used in an effort to drain all life from both Talbot and the Monster. Ultimately, however, Dr. Mannering's desire to see the Monster at full strength overwhelms his logic, and to Elsa's horror he decides to fully revive it. As an unfortunate coincidence, the experiment takes place on the night of a full moon, and Talbot is transformed just as the Monster regains his strength. After the Monster lustfully carries off Elsa, the Wolf Man attacks him, she runs out of the castle with the doctor, and the two title characters "perish" in a flood that results after the local tavern owner blows up the town dam to drown the castle's inhabitants.

1 min 37 sec


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February 15, 2010
Roy William Neill

Curt Siodmak

Universal Pictures

March 5, 1943
Lon Chaney Jr.
Ilona Massey
Patric Knowles
Lionel Atwill
Bela Lugosi
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