Cyborg Trailer B (1989)

A plague sweeps across a civilization already ruined by “anarchy, genocide and starvation,” a small group of surviving scientists and doctors — located in Atlanta, Georgia— work on a cure to save what’s left of humanity. To complete their work they need information stored on a computer system in New York City. Pearl Prophet (Dayle Haddon) volunteers for the dangerous courier mission and she is made into a cyborg through surgical augmentation.

Pearl, accompanied by bodyguard Marshall Strat, retrieves the data in New York, but is pursued by the vicious Fender Tremolo (Vincent Klyn) and his gang of “pirates”. Fender wants the cure so he can have a monopoly on its production. Strat, badly injured in a skirmish with the pirates, tells Pearl to leave him and get to the Bronx to look for a “slinger” that can escort her to safety. She finds Gibson Rickenbacker (Van Damme), a slinger, or mercenary, who provides protection against the pirates. No sooner does she explain her situation than they are overrun by Fender’s gang and Gibson is knocked out by falling debris. Fender, having beheaded Strat, dangles his head in front of Pearl and tells her that he's going with her to Atlanta. There, she must bring him the cure or else she will “get the horror show.”

Fender's gang slaughter a family and steals their boat. They head south for Atlanta via the Intracoastal Waterway with the captive Pearl. Gibson, now tracking the pirates, arrives at the scene of slaughter later that night. A shadowy figure moves to attack him, but he launches a throwing knife that takes the attacker down. She turns out to be Nady Simmons (Deborah Richter), a young woman who’d been hiding since the pirate attack and thought Gibson was one of their gang. After they had time to recover, Nady reveals that her family was wiped out by the plague and that she wants to help Gibson and Pearl. Gibson, meanwhile, is less concerned with a cure for the plague than with finding Fender and eliminating him. He tries to persuade Nady to stay away, saying he doesn’t want to see her die, but she insists that he will need her help.

In flashbacks that haunt Gibson, it is revealed that he had once fallen in love and settled down in an abandoned country house with a client, Mary, and her two young children after escorting them from the city. Fender killed Mary and her son and abducted her daughter Haley, forcing Gibson to take up the “slinger” lifestyle once again.

Gibson and Nady trek southward through the wastelands, dealing with a bandit ambush and various other outlaws with guns and in hand-to-hand combat. One night, Nady offers her body to Gibson, but he refuses: destroying Fender is his only goal. Intercepting Fender and his crew near Charleston, South Carolina, Gibson skillfully eliminates several of his henchmen in an abandoned warehouse. He is dismayed to realize Haley is now a loyal member of Fender’s crew.

Despite this Gibson manages to cut a bloody path through Fender's elite guard. As he kills the last one, Fender, watching impassively, opens fire with his own firearm. Now nursing a gunshot wound and chased by a dozen of his pirates, Gibson outsmarts them and is alone with Pearl and Nady. Pearl refuses to go with him—she calculates that Gibson is not strong enough to defeat Fender and will be unable to get her to Atlanta safely. She says she will go along with Fender and lure him to his death in Atlanta where she has resources at her disposal. Tired, out of ammunition, wounded and badly outnumbered, Gibson flees with Nady through the sewer—where he ambushes and kills Brick Bardo—and then into a salt marsh where they are pursued by the rest of the pirates and eventually separated from each other in the boggy terrain.

Gibson is overpowered, captured, beaten unconscious by Fender and crucified high on the mast of a beached, derelict ship. Haley lingers at the scene, but must leave with Fender. Gibson spends the night on the cross. In the morning, near death, he kicks the mast repeatedly with his dangling feet in a last fit of rage. The mast snaps, sending him crashing to the ground, his arms still nailed to the cross. Finally, Nady appears out of the marsh to free him.

Gibson and Nady intercept Fender once again in Atlanta, and this time are better prepared. The rest of Fender’s gang are taken down one by one until he and Gibson finally meet alone. During their fight, Nady rushes Fender with a knife, but he gashes her with a blade of his own, killing her. Gibson downs Fender with a deep stab wound to the chest. Thinking him dead, Gibson turns around to greet Haley, who is finally free. However, Fender gets back up and they continue to battle in a nearby shed, where Gibson leaves Fender impaled on a large meat hook. Gibson and Haley escort Pearl to her destination, where they leave her and head back out into the wastelands.

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April 10, 2011
Albert Pyun

Kitty Chalmers


April 7, 1989
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Deborah Richter
Vincent Klyn
Dayle Haddon
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