Calibre 9 Trailer (2011)

Trailer for Calibre 9.

Sarah is a down-on-her-luck hooker. She’s been trying to get out of the life and has one last client scheduled, a big spender whose money will allow her to move on. But while he’s getting ready in the next room, her pimp Frank drops in. A fight breaks out and Sarah manages to stab him, get his gun and kill him. Sarah is badly hurt but before she dies, her client returns to the scene. He happens to be from Senegal and was paying Sarah to be a participant in a supernatural ritual. He decides to do a favor for her.

Yann is a pretty typical guy. He goes to work, comes home, eats dinner, checks on his mom, goes to bed, gets up and does it all again. He works as a city planner in the mayor’s office. Unfortunately the mayor is an asshole, and the entire city government is corrupt, Yann included. Bribes and intimidation are standard tactics. While delivering falsified construction authorizations to a job site, a threatening note is discovered in the paperwork. When Yann is confronted about it, he hears voices from his briefcase. He opens it to find a gun that jumps into his hand and fires on its own, killing the rich land developer and his bodyguards. When the mercenaries hired by the land developer show up to avenge him, all hell breaks loose.

Calibre 9 is insane and awesome, an action-packed film about a gun possessed by the soul of a dead hooker. Yes, really. It’s sleazy, bloody and more than somewhat crazy. What more do you need?

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August 28, 2011
Jean-Christian Tassy

Jean-Christian Tassy


September 22, 2011
Laurent Collombert
Phillippe Burel
Philippe Bussière
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