Cactus Kid Trailer (2000)

Trailer for Cactus Kid.

Meet Jack Pierce (William R. Moses). He's a police officer in a small but growing suburb of New Mexico. Just looking at Jack, you may not think he has much to offer; he has one failed marriage under his belt, a rookie partner who thinks he's nothing more than an overgrown kid, and an attitude that spells trouble. But Jack's heart is as big as Texas. And what becomes clear within the first five minutes of meeting Jack is that every last bit of that heart belongs to his ten year-old son, Georgie (Thomas Curtis). If Jack were the Lone Ranger, Georgie would be his Tonto. The two are one and the same and the fact that their time together is restricted to Jack's pre-scheduled custody visits has done nothing to dampen their affection for one another.

Jack and Georgie's favorite thing to do is bond over vintage issues of the classic comic book, The Cactus Kid. Jack has fond memories of his own father reading the wild west adventures of cowboy Cactus Kid and his sidekick Billy to him every night before bed. So Jack has made it his mission to gather up as many of the now costly and hard-to-find comic books for Georgie as he can. As Jack says, The Cactus Kid was the strongest tie between him and his father. Since Jack's job as a police officer keeps him from spending much time with Georgie, Jack feels he owes his son the same closeness that he himself shared with his father. The Cactus Kid is the best way he can think of to show Georgie how much he really loves him.

From hitting balls at the batting cages to late night conversations and pretending with the utmost sincerity to be the real Cactus Kid and Billy, Jack and Georgie are the best of friends-their time together is priceless and sadly, limited. Jack's world collapses around him when he learns that Georgie is dying of an inoperable brain tumor. Jack's friends reach out to him, his boss gives him time away from the job and even Georgie's mother, Kate (Christine Elise), offers her own brand of comfort. But all Jack can see is his son's smiling face and the day it will all disappear. Jack vows to himself and to Kate that he will do anything Georgie wants, anything at all to make their remaining time together meaningful. Georgie asks for something he has always dreamed about. Georgie wants to rob a bank-just like the Cactus Kid. Jack, overcome with grief, agrees to grant the wish and before he knows what's happened, he and Georgie are on the cusp of the biggest adventure of their lives.

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March 24, 2010
Don Ashley

Frank Renzulli

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March 10, 2000
William R. Moses
Randy Travis
Thomas Curtis
Christine Elise
David Graf
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