Zack Snyder Shows Attention to Detail in New Batman v Superman Discovery

Even with all the naysayers, I still have no issue explaining that I'm a Zack Snyder fan. When fans want a guy to perfectly emulate what is seen on a comic book panel to screen, he is the director for the job. Even though the box office says otherwise, a lot of Superman and Batman fans were not fans of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. But that doesn't mean they can't still be impressed by Zack Snyder's attention to deal. When fans go online and make complaints about a particular moment or sequence, the director doesn't feel the need to go online to explain. Instead, he lets the film's Easter Eggs do the talking for him.

Batman v Superman Face to Face

One such Easter Egg can be spotted when Bruce Wayne is setting up the Kryptonite canisters. The same canisters he eventually uses on Superman to even the playing field. But why would Superman allow himself to be tricked into grabbing onto the only weapon that can destroy him? Especially when he can see through pretty much anything and tell what's heading his way? Instead of showing off his hand eye coordination, all he had to do was duck or dodge. Unless, he didn't know and couldn't see.

While some internet users claimed this to be another instance of oversight, guess again.

Batman Uses Lead to Trick Superman

When Scott McNairy's wheelchair-bound character is able to get away with blowing up a hearing without Superman seeing it coming, it was clear that the incendiary device was protected by lead. So obviously there was some common knowledge that Superman does have a weakness in regards to what he can see through. Lex Luthor knew this, and apparently Bruce Wayne also knew. To make sure that Superman didn't see the Kryptonite contained within the shells, he had them plated with lead. And, while this might sound like theory, the film itself proves this fact.

Batman v Superman Pb Canisters

If you take a close look at the photo, you will see the shells start with a chemical computation starting with Pb. If you were a Chemistry major you'd know that "Pb" is Latin for "Plumbum", or "liquid silver." It was the original discription of Lead, which is Pb on the Periodic Table of Elements. So those were definitely lead plated canisters. Superman never knew what hit him. Until, of course, after it hit him.

The discovery was made by MisterBatfleck, who describes BvS as a "goldmine" of Easter Eggs. Take a look at his tweet below.

This of course was confirmed by Clay Enos, who says all visuals by Snyder are intentional. The only question now is whether this attention to detail, and obvious love of the medium, convince some naysayers to start liking the director again. Or haters going to hate? It is the internet, after all.