Woody Harrelson Talks Live Movie Lost in London and Star Wars Spinoff

Who in their right mind would create a 2-hour movie that is shot in real time, only to stream that series of events live into movie theaters? A mad man! Or, Woody Harrelson, as the 55-year old is recreating the events that led to his arrest in London in the context of a comedy. Where he stars alongside Owen Wilson and Willie Nelson, who are playing themselves.

Lost in London will be shown in the United States via 550 select movie theaters through Fathom’s Digital Broadcast Network. The film will be loosely-based on the events that saw Harrelson chased by the law as he ran into members of the Royal Family and a number of celebrities before being put into handcuffs.

There will be no edits, no special effects - just one camera broadcasting what takes place direct into the cinema.

New Territory For Woody and the Audience

Sitting down with Collider before he writes, directs and stars in this incredible project, it was put to The Hunger Games star exactly what he was thinking of doing something so bold and so risky.

"Well that’s a good question," replied Harrelson. "I’ve been asking myself that very same question quite a bit lately, and I might’ve bit out more than I can chew. But I’ll tell you what, it might end up being pretty good. It’s a lot of work, we’re still everyday working on the script and every day I think, 'Well, that shot doesn’t look right, that’s the wrong place for the camera.' There’s just so much that’s still left to be done, there’s literally a million and one things to accomplish between now and when it hits. But I guess this can happen."

While the ambition would frighten a lot of people, Harrelson says the danger is part of the thrill of the whole experience.

"I gotta say, it’s exciting, it feels like what it must be like to walk a tightrope and know there’s no safety nets," he admitted. "The fact that it could be a disaster is what, in spite of it keeping me up at night, keeps the adrenaline flowing."

Woody Harrelson Seven Psychopaths

Star Wars Venture Blows Harrelson's Mind

Before being front and center with <strong>War for the Planet of the Apes, it is the Star Wars spinoff on Han Solo for 2018 that has a lot of people talking. Asked if this franchise was something he loved from afar, Woody said it was a chance he could not pass up.

"It really does. It’s mind-blowing," remarked Harrelson. "I can’t really…you know, I never would’ve imagined that I’d get this opportunity so I’m really pumped about it. I really like those directors (Phil Lord and Chris Miller), I think they’re really great. You know let’s face it, almost any movie if the director’s great then the movie has a shot, but if they’re not obviously you’ve got very little chance of a good movie. I just feel great to be a part of that. What a cool thing."

Source: Collider