Woody Harrelson: Han Solo Spinoff To Be Best Star Wars Movie Yet

Playing the mentor for Han Solo in Garris Shrike in the upcoming spinoff, veteran actor Woody Harrelson could not be any happier with what they are producing. On the media circuit to promote his latest work courtesy of the comedy drama Wilson, the 55-year old talked about his involvement in the blockbuster and how he found working with the filmmaking pair of Phil Lord and Chris Miller.

"They're great," he replied. "You know, any movie's only as good as the director or in this case directors, and so I have a suspicion, because if you look at the whole, all the movies, the backlog of every one of these movies, there's a lot of great stuff, but one might not be not as good with the writing in this or the acting in that or the directing in that. This has great actors, great directors, great script, and I really feel like we're gonna make the best one."

Woody More Invested In Indie Success Than The Juggernauts

Woody Harrelson in Wilson

Revealing his mixture of interests when it comes to a variety of big screen projects, Harrelson admitted that the joy of creating and mastering a small budget production gives him much more personal satisfaction than any plaudits he receives for the mainstream installments.

"Oh, yeah. I mean, look, Planet of the Apes, this Han Solo movie I’m doing now, those don’t need any help," he argued. "They’ll be juggernauts. And by the way, I could deliver a s*** performance and they’re still gonna be juggernauts. So these other ones, like Wilson, it’s like a little spark and you want to get the flame going and you want it to succeed, so it’s much more — I feel much more connected to it. And not just connected to it, but I feel like I care about it succeeding. Whereas the other ones, I care about them, but they’re gonna do okay no matter what I do."

Happy Harrelson Finds New Drinking Buddy

Woody Harrelson in War for the Planet of the Apes

Taking center stage for War for the Planet of the Apes ahead of it's debut on July 14, Harrelson explained that he got to know his CGI co-star Andy Serkis very intimately off camera. Although the actor admitted that a recording device would have been handy to relive the forming of their special bond.

"I love that guy. I truly love him. He’s an amazing guy," said Harrelson of Serkis. "Yeah, I think that when we really synced up was when he came over to my place, the place I rented in Vancouver, and we had like two bottles of wine, and what a night. What a night. And by the way, I don’t remember a damn thing we talked about, but I can tell you it would’ve been like the greatest conversation if we could’ve written it down or something, because it was incredible. He’s such a bright, amazing guy."

Source: Collider