Wonder Woman 2 Director’s Chair Left Vacant

Wonder Woman has been heralded as not only one of the best movies of 2017, but a monumental moment for female directors. Patty Jenkins' smash hit has raked in a staggering $100.5m domestic opening for DC Films and Warner Brothers. With many seeing her as the ideal candidate to lead the franchise further into the future.

Despite all of these facts, Jenkins is not guaranteed to helm the sequel as the studio remains silent over the director's chair for Wonder Woman 2. Other compatriots in her line of work would already have been secured well in advance to warn off potential competitors, as THR offer an update on her position.

Deal With DC Could Ink Jenkins-Johns Partnership

Patty Jenkins Wonder Woman Set

The publication has spoken to those close to Jenkins and the studio, explaining that both parties will be at the negotiating table in the near future. But the leverage is all with the director who has easily surpassed the critical reception received for DCEU's other titles via Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad.

"Sources say the studio intends to begin negotiations with Jenkins shortly (although the exact timing is unclear), and the filmmaker and her reps at CAA, Anonymous Content and Jackoway Tyerman will enjoy enormous leverage," THR states. "Jenkins could not only return to the director's chair on Wonder Woman 2 but also could ink a more expansive deal that would allow her to work with DC Entertainment president and chief creative officer Geoff Johns on a script treatment for that movie and possibly others as well."

Jenkins has already talked about plans for a sequel, including the change of setting from World War I Europe to the United States.

Young Diana Wants To Follow In Gadot's Footsteps

Young Diana in Wonder Woman

Already showing a degree of intelligence and charisma at such a tender age, 9-year old Lilly Aspell talked to THR about her time on set for Wonder Woman. Playing the younger version of Diana, the Scot said that she had no idea what she was auditioning for when the studio got in contact.

"I remember the first time I auditioned, I didn't know it was for Wonder Woman, but I do remember that I had to use a bow and arrow. It was really relaxed and the character from the script was very like me so I was able to be very natural. I loved it!"

Given the green light, this DC blockbuster would be a great learning experience for the youngster.

"Gal (Gadot) is such a wonderful person and was very helpful. I would often watch her filming and try and listen to her accent, she told me to only act if you enjoy it as it can really show in your performance, the day you don't enjoy it, you should stop. She is also very kind and down-to- earth. I'd love to be just like her when I'm older... Diana is very like me, so Patty (Jenkins) just told me to be natural and let my own character come through. This made my job much easier. I have so much admiration for Patty and I would love to work with her again someday. She really is inspirational."

Source: THR