Will Arnett On The Lego Batman Movie: Why Doesn’t Bruce Wayne Have Friends?

Debuting in the US this Friday, The Lego Batman Movie will branch off from everything that has come before. At least when regarding Bruce Wayne, Gotham and DC. 46-year old Will Arnett sat down to discuss that, even though he has familiarity with voiceover roles, he explains that he had a fair amount of creative control with the cast to put his spin on the comical adaptation.

Asked if the endless cycle of interviews became monotonous, Arnett admitted that he was still having fun talking about a project that he feels passionate about.

"It depends," replied Arnett. "It really depends on what you're doing, but in this case it's really fun to be able to - because I really believe in this movie and had such a great time making it over a couple of years - that to spend just a bit of time talking about it seems like nothing. It was great, you know."

Unpredictable Process Helped Create Something Unique

Working with Chris McKay on a bold project that would take a beloved character down a different path, Arnett argued that the comical version still wanted to delve into some of the issues that always arise with Wayne.

"I said before that Chris McKay (director) is such a visionary guy. He really had a firm understanding of what he wanted this movie to be, what kind of story he wanted to tell. We knew that coming off the first movie, off  The Lego Movie - we wanted to get into why is Batman so angry and upset. He is the Dark Knight, why? What is the thing that is driving him? We know that his parents were murdered in a crime alley etc. etc. but he's Bruce Wayne. He's a billionaire, he's a playboy, why doesn't he have any friends? So we knew all that."

Despite their initial plans on paper, Arnett and McKay would be making adjustments as they went.

"As we get into it and start recording, you know the process is that we record and they animate to what we record. We would get into areas that would make us laugh or things that we love doing and we'd go deeper into it. Sometimes in the middle of things (it) would change. I don't think anyone can totally predict exactly - in animation - exactly how it's going to be."

Kids Reading Has Will Hooked On Potter

Engaging in his inner child during the filmmaking process, and raising young boys of his own, Arnett explained that his favorite bad guy right now had nothing to do with The Lego Batman Movie.

"I don't want to reveal too many (villains) but I'm right dead center, or on the backside of Harry Potter books so I see Voldermort in there whose pretty rad because he's so much apart of my life right now every night reading with my sons," remarked Arnett. "So that's cool. But even the dolic's from Doctor Who of my youth - we used to do that in the playground at school. 'Exterminate, exterminate!' That's how old I am, seeming, but I'm not cause I'm young."

Pointing out that those evil robots still exist, Arnett was taken aback.

"Are they? I don't watch Doctor Who anymore. Which is weird cause I just got back from Wales two days ago and I was like, 'where do they shoot Doctor Who?' and I still didn't - I should watch it."

Source: Collider