Watch Dark Knight Joker Battle Suicide Squad Joker In DC Mash Up

YouTube at times can be a wonderfully creative space where fan theories have the capacity to be put to the test. In this instance, the people at Minute Match-Ups have produced a new installment simply titled Joker v Joker. A battle between two very different portrayals of the DC villain in recent history.

Heath Ledger's posthumous Academy Award win for Best Supporting Actor indicates that the Australian's role was universally acclaimed. Going on to set a new benchmark for the bad guy in The Dark Knight. Fast forward eight years and Jared Leto was given the unenviable task of following up that brilliance, only to offer a Gen Y brat more focused on his appearance and love affair with Harley Quinn than actually being a hated protagonist in Suicide Squad.

So who wins this fictional contest? You'll just have to click play and find out for yourself.

Actor Fearful Of Not Doing Joker Justice

Even for a short 5 minute production like this, the ismahawk team wanted to ensure that the hardcore DC fans and those that would watch were not simply tapping into a cheap rip off. Writer and co-director Hisonni Johnson told Heat Vision that Noel Scheffli had to be convinced to play Ledger's Joker, concerned that it could all fall to pieces.

"He was really nervous and didn't want to do it. How can you do that role justice?,"  Johnson remarked. "I think his goal was to make people remember Heath and be a reminder for how much you enjoyed that role."

From the evidence that has been put forward, it is as accurate an impression of Ledger's villain as you are likely to see. The part would consume the actor until his untimely death in 2008 and witnessing the comparison side-by-side only does his character more justice.

Joker DC

Are Fan Videos An Audition To Big Leagues?

Johnson is not simply out to create small time fan videos that scratch his own itch and satisfy a number of his viewers. He wants a bigger role to play in the near future. With fan footage helping Tim Miller securing the director's chair for Deadpool, a title that would go on to set a record at the box office for any R rated movie in history, the filmmaker explains that he has grander plans with these types of productions kickstarting his rise.

"My only hope is to have the fans look at it and go, 'Why isn't this guy working for Warner Brothers?' " argues Johnson. "I love Man of Steel. I love Batman v Superman. But critically, they are not performing how the studio needs, and if I can make a Superman fan film or a Joker fan film or anything that connects with the audience you never know. Maybe Warner Brothers will look for that fresh breath."

Source: Collider, THR