Vince Vaughn Links Up With Dwayne Johnson For Fighting With My Family

The directorial debut of Stephen Merchant is prepared to bring aboard a fair amount of comedic talent. Alongside Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson in the leading role for the upcoming production Fighting With My Family, Lena Headey, Florence Pugh, Jack Lowden and Nick Frost will now be joined by Vince Vaughn.

Johnson and Vaughn worked together on the 2005 Get Shorty sequel Be Cool, reuniting on screen for the first time in 12 years. The title is based from a documentary that tracked a family of WWE wrestlers. As it is suggested that Vaughn could be playing the role of Jake “The Snake” Roberts.

Duo of Wrestling Fans To Make Passion Project A Success

Dwayne Johnson

Using his Instagram account to make the announcement official, Johnson outlines that the movie will be as much a story about redemption as it is about the sport of wrestling. With Dany and Hiram Garcia linking up with The Rock himself as an executive producer, the comedy is yet to release a premiere date.

"Our @sevenbucksprod is excited to welcome Vince Vaughn to our #FightingWithMyFamily cast," wrote Johnson. "He loved the script and sank his teeth into it embodying this character. He's playing a man who I know all too well and those of you who follow wrestling history know well too. The 80's wrestling star who squandered his money and opportunities because he didn't have the capacity to handle his fame. One bad decision after another, but these days he owns his past actions and does everything he can to give back to the wrestling business he loves.

Vince has been a buddy of mine for years and I'm fired up to see what he brings to this role. I grew up in and love this wild, crazy and unpredictable world of pro wrestling. Our little passion project is coming together nicely. More casting news to come. Production starts tomorrow. Let's shoot! #FightingWithMyFamily #VinceVaughn#SevenBucksProds #MisherFilms #Film4 #WWEFilms#SquaredCircleDNA

Pam No Fan As CJ Makes Baywatch Comeback


Having a chat with ITV's Loose Women program, Pamela Anderson revealed that she was not a fan of recasting the part of Mitch Buchannon in the 2017 movie reboot of Baywatch. Which meant throwing shade at Dwayne Johnson. Taking over from the part that David Hasselhoff portrayed in the 1990s television series with Anderson as CJ Parker, the actress explained that she will actually pop up in the flick in a short cameo despite her opposition.

“It was funny to look at The Rock and think he was supposed to be (David) Hasselhoff,” remarked the 49-year old. “It just didn’t quite gel, no... I’m doing a cameo at the end. They asked me to. But I like the TV show. I never wanted to do the movie, I don’t like when they do these remakes of TV shows because it was bad TV for a reason. It was good bad TV, now it’s going to be a spoofy movie."

Source: Screen Crush, Toronto Sun